the sick rose analysis

As was the case in Blake’s day, and in many places is still of importance today, the loss of virginity doomed a woman’s prospects for the rest of her life. ‘worm’ – shows connotations of decay, as furthered with the noun ‘flies’ in the next line; decay of natural world/romantic notions. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously.

‘invisible worm’ – the seamless decay of the natural world in the name of industrialisation, the seamless decay of romantic notions of relationships and love. Alongside the rose, there is the worm, without which there would be no poem. Analysing a poem - The Ecchoing Green; How to plan essays; Engaging with the text; Essay questions; Resources and further reading. Professional writers in all subject areas are available and will meet your assignment deadline. The words night, invisible worm, howling storm, dark and secret love, and destroy connote sexual intercourse between a rose and a worm. So other Blake poems like ‘London’, or ‘To Autumn’ could be good starting points. This refers to the natural dirt flower bed, but more importantly to an actual bed in which a woman, represented by the rose, is sleeping. In the howling storm: In the first stanza of the poem the speaker begins by addressing the rose. The rose is sick, and the poem implies that love is sick as well. The poem has been presented as the love that is destructive like a worm. Again, these lines could refer to the actual death of a real rose which is eaten by a worm. First published in Songs of Innocence and Experience in 1794, it is one Blake's best-known poems, while also remaining one of his most enigmatic. For example, the first two syllables of the poem are stressed, creating a spondee. Language of personification works with a great deal to provide symbolic identity to the function and the implication of the words of the poem. The poem is short and sweet having the figurative voice. A rose is attacked on a stormy night by a destructive worm.

A rose, in most cultures including my own, regularly represents love, loyalty and beauty, and is usually a woman.

Patriarchy is all-powerful and capable to destroy woman race.

As soon as the poem begins the speaker informs the rose that it is sick. This makes sense if one only reads from a the simple nature perspective. Science Teacher and Lover of Essays. The invisible worm, Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. So the poet has compared sick love with sick rose.

The Poem Illustrated Secret to the harbourer, even, we might ask? Britten's Blake

In addition, the key contextual factors of this poem are based around religion, which again is likely to use existing knowledge rather than requiring new research. With only two stanzas, each made up of four short lines, the entirety of the poem can be read very quickly.

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