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ga('create', 'UA-67136960-15', 'auto', 'ads'); They enter the studio, which is empty. Adam wants to get him one, but Mira is opposed. His mother comes to the door and asks him to clean his room. hitType: 'event', They wonder why this has happened. They end up reaching their portals at the same time. Mira lures Tursas away from them, but she quickly returns and the battle resumes. They have compatible personalities, and Mira uniquely has the ability to persuade him in his stubborn moments. Reeve confides in Vanessa that he still doesn't trust the others and thinks the glitch in the game might be responsible for them not exiting the game when Skeet died.

He lands up on a wall, where they throw cans at him as he wonders where Mira is. They're set up with a new puzzle to solve, a giant cube they must move to make the Hollow Games logo before the tower beneath them crumbles. Kai comes up to him, upset because it's not a dream. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament where they are greeted by the Weird Guy (revealed to be the show's host) and cheered by the live audience for winning the game, The Hollow. Then he got away with his powers. Vanessa goes off on her own as they continue on the path. Vanessa thinks she might know. Kai notices a portal and wants to go through it before the robots get through the door. Auf Vanessas Vorschlag will Freaky die digitale Welt von Hollow Life von den Servern nehmen und offline schalten, damit nicht mehr auf sie zugegriffen werden kann und die digitalen Kopien der Gruppe, die selbständig fühlen und sich als real empfinden, dort ein normales Leben führen können. He often motivates his teammates to persevere when they want to give up. As they walk inside, the man grabs a hair off Adam's head, which he tucks into a paper. The Hollow ist eine kanadische Science-Fantasy-Zeichentrickserie von Vito Viscomi, bestehend aus zwei Staffeln. Adam wonders why this has happened, but Kai just wants to play the game. ga('ads.send', { Außerdem ist er ein Technik-Genie und kann Maschinen reparieren. In der Realität sind sie Teilnehmer an einer Spielshow mit VR-Technik des Spiels The Hollow. At Adam's house, he tries to convince her to spend the night there and says they'll search his house and hers for clues tomorrow. Meanwhile, Kai is able to fix up a ship and gets it to work. They wake up back in their "home" neighborhood. It continues to move closer to the and they learn it's a large snail, the source of the slime. Adam is one of the three protagonists in Netflix’s The Hollow who awakens in a room with no memories of who he is. The show tells the story of Adam… They run into another trio who are unaware they're in a game. "I can’t sleep because of skeet, but also because I’m shipping Adam/Reeve and Kai/Vanessa too hard! Kai, Adam, and Skeet then run to the doorway where they see Mira and fall through it, into a room where there are objects floating in the sky. At the end of "Apocalypse," Kai blames Adam for Mira's death and tries to separate from him permanently, but in the lighthouse, it is revealed that Mira is still alive and apologises to him which he quickly forgets. They then come to realize Louie is under a spell and controlled by Jules. Weirdy explains that Hollow Games is making digital clones of all the players and their families and everyone they know. }); In der zweiten Staffel werden einige Hintergründe über die Teams bekannt: So war Reeve früher im Team von Mira und Adam, aber weil er und Adam sich dauernd gestritten haben und er glaubte, dass Adam ihn rauswerfen will, ließ Reeve sich von Vanessa für ihr Team abwerben. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. Adam finds a file cabinet in a ransacked room. In the first season, Reeve and Adam have a very antagonistic relationship. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), He can't find her key, so he uses a pickle fork to open her box and shatter the vial.

ga('ads.send', { Adam finds their satchel, which had medicine and a map, but the map starts erasing when they look at it. They run away again and have to dodge lightning strikes as Mabel follows them. Against Adam's warnings, Kai thaws out the other three kids, and Reeve uses his telekinetic powers to attack Adam from behind with the Ishibo. Tursas emerges from the water again and Reeve throws some barrels at her. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), The game team takes off for the portal and the others realize chasing the game team is futile. hitType: 'event', They have all their memories until they hit the button and jumped in the portal, then nothing until they woke up at home. Mira tells them Skeet's dead. Episode Count Voice cast [ edit ] Adrian Petriw as Adam, who is clever, incredibly strong, and agile, and assumes the … Adam resents Reeve for leaving the team while Reeve resents Adam for kicking him out. Dave: ein scheinbar blinder Greis. [11] Ähnlich schreibt Oliver Armknecht von film-Rezensionen.de, der 7 von 10 Punkten vergibt, dass die Serie sich zwar tendenziell an ein jüngeres Publikum wendet, aber auch Erwachsene in das temporeiche und absurde Abenteuer reinschauen. },false) https://thehollow.fandom.com/wiki/Reeve?oldid=7569. hitType: 'event', To escape, they use the typewriter to type "help", which causes four bricks to move forward and act as ledges leading to a vent. Vanessa explains she was caught in a sandstorm while trying to slow them down.

Technically Kai/Reeve (The Hollow) but it's much more complicated than that Mentioned Adam/Kai (The Hollow) Mentioned Skeet/Kai (The Hollow) Mentioned Kai/Vanessa (The Hollow)

Technically Kai/Reeve (The Hollow) but it's much more complicated than that Mentioned Adam/Kai (The Hollow) Mentioned Skeet/Kai (The Hollow) Mentioned Kai/Vanessa (The Hollow) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kai thaws himself out with his powers of fire, and the three of them battle an ice monster. Many fans had suspected that Adam was either gay or asexual in season one when he seemingly rejected the romantic advances from Mira. Kai gets help from Vanessa and they're able to stop the train. Skeet runs at super speed to get away, leaning Adam and Kai to fend for themselves. Adam has an unintentional tendency to bring out Kai's insecurities. He runs away when a man calls out to him and they give Skeet the medicine. eventAction: 'load' She dives and swims away. [3] Im Mai 2018 wurde die Serie mit dem 8. The trio knock her out, but another witch comes along and attacks them. Adam finds a room with a bunch of boxes on the wall with keys in them.

By the end of the season, Adam, Kai, Mira, Reeve and Vanessa do manage to successfully escape the game and get Hollow Life taken offline so they can happily live out their lives in a virtual recreation of the real world. Adam finds Jules, who says he'll explain everything. ga('ads.send', { They quickly figure out that those three are the game team for the current game. They realize that the weapon fits into Olym's back, which they believe is the way to win. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. They easily face Rumpelstiltskin and then start to wonder where Vanessa is. Yet another fan commented. Still thinking losing is the solution, Skeet jumps off a ledge, but is quickly thrown back onto solid ground.

eventAction: 'view' Skeet jumps on the slime and slides along the path with the others following him. Mutanten-Spinnen: erscheinen zunächst als feindlich, weil sie die Spieler in Kokons hüllen und verschleppen, aber ihr Gift hat heilende Wirkung. Louie grabs Jules and takes him into the woods. Tursas emerges again and rips off their sail. },false) They approach a man at a desk, who quizzes them on their past quests before giving them a key. Reeve is aloof and stand-offish.

They decide to make a fake goat with veggies and bring it to the troll. They reach the finale boss battle, where the game team has to face Olym. But the last shot of the season shows Louie the giant snail out in the (virtual) real world so maybe there are some glitches left that can provide us with stories for further seasons. hitType: 'event', Weirdy appears to them and says he needs more time to take the game offline and they need to stop the game team from winning while he works. They go to Mira's house and talk to Miles. Adam continues to run away from the bullies and meets up with Kai and Mira. They realize they died in a metro crash. }.

Adam and Kai try to open it using their abilities, but it didn't work. The portal to exit appears and the game team starts to run for it. Warning them it isn't safe, Adam and Mira venture inside the palace, and finds Kai, Vanessa, Reeve, and Skeet frozen in ice. In der zweiten Staffel ist zu sehen, dass sie zwei Väter und einen jüngeren Bruder namens Miles hat; dieser spielt mit Kai häufig Videospiele.

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