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This discussion thread is for Opening New Doors Part 4 Episode 28 and will contain spoilers for Part 4.

【Special Clip】 "Only when I'm with you, Shion♡" Shion & Tsubasa's lovey-dovey Karuizawa date! Week 49: "Departure Whistle", 「TOKYO 2019-2020」 Homepage

Netflix Series Page. Week 28: "Declaration of War" Share your thoughts on Part 4 here, or participate in the individual discussion threads! 「ALOHA STATE」 Homepage Continuation of the dining room scene, 【47th WEEK】Masao says to Risako: "You're always so cute, if that's coming from me...", 【48th WEEK】Risako: "Masao, you don't want to lose weight, do you?

Week 12: "If Only You Were Five Years Younger" Week 23: "Kiss Out of Nowhere", Week 25: "The Fallen Angel"

【25th WEEK】Mayu: "Yui has quite a lot of experience with guys..." What is an angel's true character like...?

", 【36th WEEK】 That time when Aya pointed out, "Maya, your boobs are big...". 【29th WEEK】 Shohei: "If Seina likes handsome guys..." - The guys' drinking continues, 【29th WEEK】 Yui: "I want to get married" - The real state of job hunting for a college student, 【30th WEEK】Yui shows an interest in Shohei's *** hair ♡. 9/10.

「Boys & Girls in the City」 Homepage Continuation of the drinking scene, 【25th WEEK】 Taka's rage at Mayu! Next door : boring ending, lovely cast, fantastic middle.

Week 11: "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" Official YouTube

Week 34: "Bye Bye, Miss Terrace House"

So they're not going to release part 2 at the same time?

", 【New resident interview 18】Aio Fukuda: "With love, it's always been just fooling around...". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 「Boys x Girls Next Door」 Homepage Week 7: "I Erased Him From My World" 【32nd WEEK】 Nonstop Excitement! Yui's unexpected connection to Tsubasa, 【34th WEEK】"Shohei kissed me and left it at that" A final interview with Seina Shimabukuro, 【34th WEEK】"Wherever I went, Mayu was there" A final interview with Noah Ishikura, 【New resident interview 14】 Kaito Nakata: "I want to date a woman who I can cook with...", 【New resident interview 16】 Sota Kono: "I got married at the age of 20 and...". 「TOKYO 2019-2020」 Homepage 「OPENING NEW DOORS」 Homepage 「ALOHA STATE」 Homepage 「Boys & Girls in the City」 Homepage 「Boys x Girls Next Door」 Homepage Fuji TV Show Homepage Official YouTube Official Instagram Official Twitter Official Facebook Terrace House Social - Social Media Accounts Costco Subs Discord Server 【40th WEEK】Discord between Yui and Maya...? “Kacho’s chewing sounds are…”, 【46th WEEK】Masao to Risako: "I like you without make-up. Fuji TV Show Homepage Is a romance brewing for Shun...? Week 44: "Only the Apple was Watching" 8/10.

Week 16: "Life is Just a Little Too Late", Week 17: "Sinful Cleavage"

Week 18: "Flower Bouquet for My Valentine" Results : Mickc103 : Tecchan House - 10/10 【36th WEEK】Shun and Kaito's skate date!

Official YouTube 【4th WEEK】Emergency...! OND is easily better than Aloha State and Boys and Girls in the City imo! Official Instagram

Official Instagram Philippines here (GMT +0800).

Week 19: "The Second Attempt" Official Show Website

Week 30: "A Farce"

Week 23: "Meccha Me Too" Week 40: "A Man Who Can't be Described in Japanese", Week 41: "Embarrassing Rejections" 【38th WEEK】"Sota came really close to me..." A final interview with Aya Matarai.

I think it will be released around 1am San Francisco Time (PDT). A final interview with Shunsuke Ikezoe. Do you guys know when part 2 goes live internationally? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the terracehouse community. ", 【46th WEEK】A few days after the socks incident…Maya pointing out to Yui “You should voice your thoughts from your own position...”, 【47th WEEK】Breaking the news that Aio & Yui are dating... "It must have been pretty hard on Ricchan." Check the countdown thread to see if it's already up in your area.

【43rd WEEK】Kaito: "I don't feel like you're considering Maya..." Risako in tears... 【43rd WEEK】“We might fall in love with each other…” In the middle of the night, Yui and Masao in the TV room, 【44th WEEK】"I wonder what I'm doing wrong..." The current state of Yui's job hunt, 【44th WEEK】"I can't watch a kiss scene with you..." Enon Kawatani commenting on Masao's love troubles. Week 22: "Virgin"

A skate date for a girl in love♡, 【New resident Interview 13】Shunsuke Ikezoe: "If there's a guy I like, I would...", 【32nd WEEK】"The person I'd like to keep seeing even after leaving is...?" Week 14: "The Birthday That Decided Their Fate" "I don't know how to talk to her...". OPENING NEW DOORS Episode Discussion Threads: Another Terrace YouTube Videos and Translations, Week 11: "Best Actor in a Supporting Role", Week 12: "If Only You Were Five Years Younger", Week 14: "The Birthday That Decided Their Fate", Week 15: "The Mustache Tells the Story of Love", Week 16: "Life is Just a Little Too Late", Week 18: "Flower Bouquet for My Valentine", Week 38: "The Goal-Getter and The Goalless", Week 39: "Like a Long Spell of Autumn Rain", Week 40: "A Man Who Can't be Described in Japanese", Terrace House Social - Social Media Accounts, Japan: Tuesday December 19, 2017 (Netflix).

Costco Subs Discord Server. 6/10. Behind tearful eyes, Mayu announces her leaving...?【Part 2】.

Clearly they saw my vid and decided to change the song, Thanks for the heads up I had no idea when it is out. Spoiling comments will be deleted by the mod team.

". I thought they're going to catch up with the Japanese release straight away. Week 36: "Take Shelter From The Rain" Unofficial Subreddit for discussion about the reality TV show Terrace House (テラスハウス).

Week 26: "Better Than You" 【38th WEEK】Kaito tells his true feelings about Yui to Masato!

This thread is to update everyone when the episodes go live in their respective areas. New doors : City but in province.

Terrace House: Opening New Doors Overall Impressions Thread, Week 1: "Opening New Doors"

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Part 1 of Terrace House's latest season Opening New Doors is scheduled to go live on Netflix worldwide on Tuesday, March 13 … Unofficial Subreddit for discussion about the reality TV show Terrace House (テラスハウス). 【37th WEEK】The memories of summer, 2018 in Karuizawa, 【New resident interview 17】Risako Tanigawa: "If I were in a love triangle, I’d declare war.

Terrace House Social - Social Media Accounts Week 21: "Tune-Up" Anyway it's past midnight in the eastern states of Australia and there is nothing yet.

Do not use this thread to talk about the contents of Part 1. Terrace House Social - Social Media Accounts Week 38: "The Goal-Getter and The Goalless" Week 37: "First Date Last Date" Week 42: "To Have Become Critical"

Shion and Ami at a laundromat... 【5th WEEK】Where are Shion & Tsubasa going for lunch on their first date...?

Most importantly, do not comment any spoilers for Part 2 for the sake of those who haven't watched it. Official Twitter Post when they're live and include the area you're watching it from. 8,5/10. Week 27: "On The Night Of Camp" YAY!! Someone's surprise visit to Terrace House! No info about the international release of it, but by the timeframe it took to release Part 1, expect it within the month of May. so excited for everyone to be able to watch!! Week 29: "Confessing Love at the Chapel" Unofficial Streams, Piracy, Filesharing, and Episode Downloads, No posts that directly or indirectly incite violence, Press J to jump to the feed. They use some random song for the opening then LITERALLY the very first scene after the opening they start playing Make it up by lights follow (the song I thought was going to be the international opening).

Week 46: "No Longer A Virgin" 【Special Clip】Where is Shunsuke heading after he leaves the house? We're currently just two episodes into Part 2.

【28th WEEK】Continuation of the TV room scene...How do Yui and Noah feel...? ", 【49th WEEK】“Since I couldn’t get a girlfriend, I’ll write a song…”A final interview with Masao Wada, 【49th WEEK】"I shouldn't have gotten them socks..." A final interview with Risako Tanigawa, 【49th WEEK】 "I asked myself, “Am I falling for her...?” A final interview with Kaito Nakata, 【49th WEEK】"What Kaito and I have is not a relationship of convenience..." A final interview with Maya Kisanuki, 【49th WEEK】"I still want to have fun, so I really wasn't sure at first" A final interview with Aio Fukuda, 【49th WEEK】"I've never called anyone an old hag..." A final interview with Yui Tanaka. Official Facebook Behind tearful eyes, Mayu announces her leaving...?【Part 1】, 【New resident interview 12】 Aya Matarai: "I don't want a guy I like to be taken by other girls. I wonder what the new theme song will be for the international version. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Week 6: "First Snowfall" 「OPENING NEW DOORS」 Homepage

Week 10: "The Christmas Assassin" By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Week 45: "Tattling" Another Terrace YouTube Videos and Translations. Week 31: "Rambling Rose" 【37th WEEK】Maya: "When I did it for the first time..." Taboo Girl Talk! Unofficial Streams, Piracy, Filesharing, and Episode Downloads, No posts that directly or indirectly incite violence, Press J to jump to the feed.

Costco Subs Discord Server.

Less than 24 hours here on the East Coast of the US!

Megathread is here! Week 4: "The Reason She Cried" Kindly use the megathread to share your thoughts on Part 1! Aloha : bland but surpisingly good all the way through. Cookies help us deliver our Services.


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