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In this form, Sylvanas resembled nothing of her physical appearance – she was smaller, translucent, and barely anything approaching an elven female (Described further in Appearance below). Since her death, this has led to absolute arrogance in the face of danger, and a precarious tendency to provoke anything that might prove to be a threat. After having retrieved her rotting body and regenerating it, feeding magic into it to keep it fully preserved, Sylvanas once again resembles her high elven self, with some major differences. In the Undercity, the Nathrezim Varimathras and an army of demons attempted to take over, and though Sylvanas almost died a second time, she managed to destroy them, only to discover that the human king Varian Wrynn was on his way with Alliance forces to kill Putress for his actions at Angrathar, and liberate Lordaeron for the Alliance.

As Ranger-General, her attire consisted of blue and russet leather, and was, especially in comparison to what she currently wears, modest. As Ranger-General, Sylvanas was completely fearless, and brazenly reckless. Not only does she wish to kill him in return for him killing her, killing him is the only way to allow her to die properly. Being reminded of everything that she has lost – everything that was torn away from her – cuts her to the core.

In death, Sylvanas’ more... negative traits seemed to gain intensity, and she has cosseted herself in a thick protective shield of cold steel. When she was alive, Sylvanas Windrunner achieved the position of Ranger-General of Silvermoon City at a relatively young age. Exhausted, the Ranger-General was unable to match the death knight, and was cut down. She unwillingly served and aided him in the destruction of Silvermoon. Orcish guards were sent to the Undercity to keep an eye on her apothecaries while Sylvanas travelled to Northrend to bring about Arthas’ end. Having created their own functional empire of their own, with Sylvanas at their head as their beloved Banshee Queen, the undead Forsaken set about finding allies in their quest to see Arthas dead. She went about founding her new kingdom, releasing many undead from the psychological grasp of Arthas.

It is as she makes her way through Icecrown to confront him that she and her skeletal steed, Dancer, are seized by black tendrils writhing out of the ground, and pulled roughly into darkness. As she was about to begin her work, Kel’Thuzad arrived. However, his mage ally Jaina Proudmoore teleported him and their forces away before they could come to blows. She remains cold, driven by the rage, detestation and agony that is all her banshee self can feel. She distances herself from anything that may remind her of her life, besides her cherished weapons, especially if they concern her beloved sisters, Alleria and Vereesa. Sylvanas has higher than average skill with her dual blades, which were made for her at a young age, to her own specifications. Great War of Lordaeron Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. From coming across one of her factional enemies from her own world, to being shot in the head by an assassin, she has yet to make any friends besides her own partner. She found no trace of Xalmor in the quilboar lands, and so was forced to bypass the border enforced by the centaur to continue her search. However, she has little to no skill wielding anything that requires two hands, and her skills with her twin swords are much, much lower than those with her bow. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of murdering her creator in as horrifying and excruciating a way as she can manage. She was forced to watch helplessly, hopelessly, as Arthas engaged, and killed, her king. Her two blades are curved and both very much deadly – she wields them with precision and proficiency, though it would likely be simple for one with higher skill in such an area to defeat her. In life, Sylvanas Windrunner was a noble young elf – selfless, loyal, and fiercely protective of those she cared about.

In the first one it says that “She had not yet seen her twentieth autumn, yet already young Sylvanas was the most promising hunter in her family.” So there is a reference to a young age but it also says she was the “most promising hunter.” Shortly after Varimathras’ defeat, Varian entered the Royal Quarter, and attempted to kill both the Warchief and the Banshee Queen. Sylvanas took her rangers to trap the orcs between them and the Alliance forces under command of Turalyon, the human paladin.

In this form, the only things Sylvanas can do are her relatively weak necromantic attacks. He did escape, and Sylvanas – who had managed to hunt down the coffin containing her body and succeeded in using her banshee powers to once again possess it – shot him with an arrow tipped with a paralytic. She eventually fell in love with him, and he with her, though their relationship was short-lived with the coming of the Scourge. Sylvanas was the middle of three daughters, between her elder sister Alleria and her younger sister Vereesa. Any elf who got in his way was brutally killed by Arthas as he made his way relentlessly to the second gate, having acq uired the key with the help of the traitor. With his help, she moved against his brother Detheroc, who had acquired humans to protect him.

In life, Sylvanas was one of the most beautiful of the high elves, a fact that never much helped her vanity. This was Sylvanas' first encounter with an elf from another world, and while both of them were suspicious of the other, they have not yet made enemies of each other. Since her death, Sylvanas has kept herself locked away behind a steel wall, and she has hardened herself against such weak emotions as sympathy or remorse. Sylvanas cannot feel any kind of pain – this has served to make her even more incapable of feeling fear than she was in life, and even more brash and reckless, as she knows that she can do anything and be hurt in any way and it will not affect her.

As time passed, Sylvanas gained a considerable faction of her own, freeing the minds of those still in the Scourge.

But this was not enough. Sylvanas Windrunner was the Viridian Templar in the Age of Men'heva. Her leadership skills were without … Unwilling to feel captured again, Sylvanas feels she has no choice but to work for him, until such time as she can wriggle out of such an arrangement. When Arthas Menethil and the Scourge came to Quel'Thalas for the Sunwell, Sylvanas was there to defend her homeland. Her longing for a return to life is shown through the fact that she spent a lot of power and energy on regenerating her body so that it remains fully preserved, and the constant supply of magic she feeds into it in a desperate attempt to keep any sign of rotting from touching it. When she came to meet Arthas, she suggested that he turn back, but he told her death itself had come to Quel’Thalas. She wears a detailed chest plate that exposes her toned midriff, and greaves atop light, green cotton trousers. The battle was long and hard, but eventually the Old Horde gave up on Quel’thalas and retreated. InsideTheBox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

She was overjoyed when the …

Two societies rose up under Sylvanas’ rule – the Deathstalkers, which became one of the most powerful spy organisation in Azeroth, and the Royal Apothecary Society, which was founded to develop a plague that would destroy the Scourge. Her once beautifully clear blue eyes are now a frightfully vivid crimson, glowing with a light far more eerie than she had in life. She sent a scout to warn them that Quel’Thalas had been betrayed, and watched in horror as the Scourge wrought destruction on the land. Her skin, once with so perfect a complexion, is now ashen grey and cold to the touch, and her lips, once so red, are darkened, and tinged blue. The Deathguards, the elite of all Forsaken forces, are some of the most fearsome and dangerous troops upon Azeroth, and she keeps a group of the best, the Royal Deathguards, as her personal bodyguard, though she is not afraid of being without them, as she is in Pandora. The plague slaughtered the undead, but also killed the Horde and the Alliance indiscriminately. She became quickly known as the most brutal and cruel monarch in Azeroth, though she does what she has to do to ensure that her people have their own lives, despite being devoid of life itself.

She is quite rude, acerbic, candid and never thinks before speaking, something that used to land her in hot water when she was alive more often than not. Her bow is ancient, having once belonged to Dath’remar Sunstrider, the very first of the high elven kings, who lived 10,000 years ago. She hid this knowledge, continuing to serve, until the demonic Nathrezim told her that his powers were diminishing. While she cannot feel pain, her body can be destroyed, which will force Sylvanas out into her banshee form. This amulet gives Sylvanas powers of regeneration equal to Dante's himself, causing wounds to heal themselves. She even found her former disciple Nathanos Marris, and freed his mind, naming him the Champion of the Banshee Queen. Sylvanas is a phenomenal archer, capable of hitting moving objects accurately at considerable distance. The invasion of the orcs led to the deaths of everyone in the Windrunner family, with the exception of the three sisters.

She and her few remaining rangers were alone before a sea of undead as the Scourge approached, but they made their final stand, Sylvanas fighting against Arthas himself. With the assistance of Bloodfeather and her Witchwing harpies Sylvanas took down the border guard, leaving one centaur alive for the harpies to mate with as was customary. She fled to Fairbreeze Village, now only with her hardiest rangers at her side, but she determined to make a stand before Arthas, despite seeing the hour of her death approach. Shortly afterwards, the forests of Quel’Thalas began to burn, and Sylvanas took her rangers to discover the cause. While magic keeps her body preserved and in the perfectly toned state one sees it in, it is still quite obvious that she is dead, a fact that she is bitter that she is unable to change.

She witnessed the rebirth of Arthas’ prized servant, Kel’Thuzad, after the murder of her beloved liege, and let out a banshee’s scream of despair and anguish that only served to amuse Arthas further. POST-ARRIVAL IN PANDORA - Over a month after arriving in Pandora, Sylvanas was given a birthday present by Dante - the amulent that had belonged to his mother, which possesses the power of his devil father. Sylvanas Windrunner was the Viridian Templar in the Age of Men'heva. As she is not connected to the corpse in any way except by controlling its movements, Sylvanas is incapable of many things, such as eating, drinking, sneezing, crying, feeling heat or cold, or – most importantly – feeling pain.

Many of her subjects were humans in life, and when the humans turned them away, she vowed that the Forsaken would have their own lands – their own empire.

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