swannanoa river swimming hole

Even during the hottest days of summer, mountain rivers and streams run cold with waters from highly elevated wellsprings. More intrepid swimming hole seekers will love Turtleback Falls. This sample data provides a general guide to the health of the waterway and should only be used for informational purposes. One of North Carolina’s hidden gems, this swimming hole is likely to be less populated, simply because of its more secluded location.

All appreciate the high water quality in this small mountain watershed. Because the park is maintained by the City of Asheville, parking and restrooms are easily accessible. And because the waterfall feeds into Cascade Lake, there are no dangerous currents or downstream hazards to worry about. This year, donors have helped to fund urgent monitoring of beach closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, expand our support for volunteer water quality monitoring, and create groundbreaking data sharing resources for scientists. Hooker Falls is the only waterfall in the forest that is marked safe for swimming, and it certainly does not disappoint. Best of all, the sunny park is an ideal spot to dry off and warm up after splashing around in the river all afternoon. Located in the heart of the Nantahala National Forest, this serene swimming hole is only about 2–3 feet deep, making a great place to cool your feet after a hike or to bring the kids. Heading to the beach should only be considered an option if social distancing practices can be followed. Red means the water at the site has water quality issues or there is an emergency. These swimming holes are among our favorites, but be sure to bring the right towels and supplies to keep yourself safe and warm. High levels of E. coli can pose a health risk for people swimming in the water. Red means the beach’s most recent test results failed to meet water quality standards. What to Know About Peak Color in Asheville NC This Year, 5 Ways to Build-In Energy Efficiency into Your Next Home, Hendersonville’s Environmental Sustainability Board Spotlight, Gardening Tips: Composting Do’s and Don’ts. There is a short hike to get to the falls, about 1.7 miles that can get steep in parts, so this may not be the best option for very small children. Tucked far away in the heart of the Smoky Mountains National Park, this swimming hole is actually just a short 1.4-mile hike from the Big Creek Campground Parking lot. You never have to drive far to find anything in WNC, and the swimming hole at Azalea Park in East Asheville proves that. A parking lot sits just a quarter mile away, making access relatively easy. Ranging from crowded to remote, the following 10 swimming holes appeal to an array of people from all ages and walks of life.

This natural, fast-paced waterslide draws thousands of visitors each season to slide down its 60-foot, slick surface into a six-foot-deep pool of shockingly cold water at the bottom. Just float, try the rope swing, and enjoy your day. Sliding Rock. The "swimming hole" in Flat Creek is a treasured place for all generations.

If you’ve gone all summer without spending an afternoon in one of our natural mountain swimming holes, we daresay you’ve wasted your time. Located right on the east side of town, the park backs up to the Swannanoa River, making this part of the river public land. Beverly-Hanks does not endorse breaking federal laws. Practicing social distancing is essential right now. You get in the water at the top of the fall and are shot down the perfectly smooth face of this 60-foot rock into an ice cold pool at the bottom. But the Asheville area teems with natural swimming holes ideal for a quick cooldown or an all-day outing.

Located just eight miles outside of Brevard, Sliding Rock is known locally as nature’s slip ‘n’ slide.

Green means the beach has historically excellent or pristine water quality, but there is no current data. Swim Guide, "Swim Drink Fish icons," and associated trademarks are owned by SWIM DRINK FISH CANADA.

If you’re not from the area, just know it’s one of the most popular spots to go to cool off in the summer, and for good reason: it’s a natural slip n’ slide! This status is based on the latest sample, taken on September 2nd, 2020. Escape the last vestiges of summer humidity and enjoy your dip, sunbathe, or bring a picnic. There’s nothing quite like a natural swimming hole to beat the humidity of a North Carolina summer. And if you’re looking for somewhere to live in the area, be sure to check out the properties at Couch Mountain. But the swimming is quite nice if you bring your suit. This means that rather than displaying current data it displays the beach's average water quality for that year. Please also contact us if you would like to volunteer to take water samples. When swimming season is over or when a beach's water quality data has not been updated frequently enough (weekly) it goes into historical status. We may manually set the status for a specific beach if we have concerns about the sampling protocol, if there is an emergency, if monitoring practices don't exist or have recently changed, or other reasons that render this site "special.". No wonder it’s fun for the whole family! Grey means there is no current water quality information, the beach is under construction, there has been an event that has rendered water quality information unreliable or unavailable. Please contact the French Broad Riverkeeper at hartwell@mountaintrue.org if you have questions. Up for an adventure? A sustainable mountain living community, Couch Mountain offers the peace and quiet of mountain forests, with easy accessibility to downtown Asheville just minutes away. And since Asheville is surrounded by mountains, protected forests, and state parks, there are all kinds of spots open to the public for swimming, rafting, kayaking, and even tubing. Spending a day in any crowded place is the worst thing we can do for our most vulnerable right now and will counter the efforts to curb the virus’ spread.

Assume all rocks are slippery, and never get into the water while you’re alone. There are actually two pools, both of which are fairly quiet to swim in, and feature shallower areas around the edges for wading. There are a lot of trails around Warren Wilson, and some of them run right along the river. Though the city doesn’t maintain the water, its status as public property makes it one of the most convenient swimming holes around. This data does not guarantee the sampled area is safe for swimming at all times. Read on to find out which sites made our lists for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. These results were posted to Swim Guide on September 3th, 2020 at 12:19 PM. by Couch Mountain | Apr 28, 2018 | Asheville Living. Swim Guide is a free service. Agents Answer: What are the Best Local Sports Teams and Leagues in WNC. Here are seven swimming holes you need to try this weekend. We depend on financial support from individuals and organizations to restore and protect access to water for all people. Tags: outdoor recreation, waterfall, Western North Carolina (WNC), View AshevilleHomesforSale’s profile on Facebook, View BeverlyHanksAssociatesREALTORS’s profile on Google+, Help Us Choose the Best Home Workspace in WNC: Round 4. There’s a great picnic area and easy swimming … See the beach description for more information regarding their special status.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park might as well be called the Green Mountain Waters National Park, judging by this swimming hole. Looking Glass (pictured above) may be the most iconic waterfall in WNC.

This is a major favorite of locals, but it’s really best reserved for strong swimmers. Stay alert and check for other swimming hazards such as dangerous currents and tides. A lifeguard stands on duty during the day between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Overall, E. coli levels in the French Broad River are low, and the river is typically safe for swimming. Green means the beach’s most recent test results met relevant water quality standards. Since there are so many options to choose from, we thought we’d help you shorten the list by offering up 7 of our favorite swimming holes to check out near Asheville: If you’re planning on making a day out of your swimming hole trip, then there’s no better place than Lake Lure up in Hickory Nut Gorge.

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