louis i duke of bavaria

This failed, as the Crusaders still managed to find food in many of the deserted villages.

Omissions? Ludwig was married to Ludmilla, a daughter of Duke Frederick of Bohemia. The title of dux, given by the Romans to high military commanders with territorial responsibilities, was assumed by the barbarian…, Bavaria, largest Land (state) of Germany, comprising the entire southeastern portion of the country.

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This granted the Crusaders a peaceful pass through Saramsah, which the Sultan had destroyed. After him are Johann Friedrich Böttger (1682), Helmut Rahn (1929), Erhard Heiden (1901), Ernest, Elector of Saxony (1441), Dorothea of Brandenburg (1430), and Oswald Pohl (1892). It was only through Louis's character that peace was restored.[4]. By 21 July, the Muslims retreated yet again. On 19 July the saracens had sent a large cavalry force against the Crusaders. Because of all that, it resulted in a double-election in 1198. On 6 July, the Legate had ordered a three-day fast and carrying the banner of Christ barefoot, planted it where the river rises. And Louis had vowed to never stop until Count Albert was without Sulzbach. In May 1221, Louis sailed on with his Bavarian army with Ulrich II, Bishop of Passau, Herman V, Margrave of Baden-Baden, John of Brienne and many other nobles. Duke Louis I of Bavaria (German language: Ludwig I der Kelheimer, Herzog von Bayern, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein) (Kelheim, 23 December 1173 – 15 September 1231 in Kelheim) was the Duke of Bavaria in 1183 and Count Palatine of the Rhine in 1214.

The ceremony was headed by Ekbert, Bishop of Bamberg of the House of Andechs (brother of the groom Otto) and Henry II, Margrave of Istria who also was in attendance. Since that time also, the lion has become a heraldic symbol in the coat of arms for Bavaria and the Palatinate. Louis had urged they assemble their armies and strike at the sultan's camp, before the river should take up its usual increase. An old story goes that the Duke made the acquaintance of Ludmilla of Bohemia with affection and she fearing he did it to delude her, hid three persons she trusted behind a curtain and gave them three pictures to hold up. Ludwig I or Louis I of Upper Bavaria (German: Ludwig II der Strenge, Herzog von Bayern, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein) (13 April 1229 – 2 February 1294) was Duke of Upper Bavaria and Count Palatine of the Rhine from 1253. Louis was married to Ludmilla, a daughter of Duke Frederick of Bohemia.

But Henry had died of an illness; possibly malaria, suddenly. This done, she begged of him to see her no more unless he promised to marry her before witnesses.

Suddenly, Eberhard, Archbishop of Salzburg and Conrad, Bishop of Regensburg, falling at variance, declared war on Duke Louis and spared no sacred nor profane structures. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. While it was true that Emperor Henry was still alive when his young son Frederick II was elected king at two years of age, he had no way of knowing that his son would become challenged by such a force. (* 23. Louis was buried in the crypt of Scheyern Abbey. Louis was murdered in 1231 on a bridge in Kelheim. The only force that could counter the north and west German's choice was Henry's brother Philip who had initially considered being regent, but was refused that right as the south and east Germans needed an acting king; and Frederick II was too young. He was a son of Otto I and his wife Agnes of Loon. Dezember 1173 in Kelheim;) war Herzog von Bayern … That next day, King John had come with a numerous army to bring further assistance to their cause. He participated in the Fifth Crusade in Egypt (1221), and from 1225 to 1228 he was Frederick II’s regent in Germany.

Upon his coming-of-age, in 1189, at sixteen years old, at the beginning of his reign, he had already fallen in the midst of a conflict which triggered the nearly simultaneous extinction of the Burgrave of Regensburg and the Count of Sulzbach in the years 1188 and 1189.

Thus, an old ally of Bavaria became an enemy overnight. Duke of Bavaria Louis Wittelsbach, I: Also Known As: "Ludwig" Birthdate: December 23, 1173: Death: September 15, 1231 (57) Immediate Family: Son of Otto I, Duke of Bavaria and Agnes of Loon Husband of Ludmilla of Bohemia. It was in the summer of 1192 at Worms where he received the German tradition of knighting, which was the handing of sword and belt, in the presence of Emperor Henry VI and many other Princes. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Louis-I-duke-of-Bavaria.

The following year, in 1197, Louis went with the Emperor to Sicily to prepare for their departure for the German Crusade of 1197. Please improve this article by adding a reference. Ultimately, like many others, to secure his accomplishments - and those of his family - he made deals with King Otto IV which granted him the imperial fiefs of the Andechs, assured succession of the Palatinate of the Rhine towards him, and confirmed the everlasting reign of the Wittelsbach family in Bavaria.

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