leftover lamb stew

My name is Lesley and this site follows my journey of cooking and gardening adventures (with a few refinishing projects mixed in). rice, everything

My mother nursed her children to Julia's cooking show on PBS. Bring to a slow boil and then reduce heat immediately and simmer, uncovered, for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of my new posts by email.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I then combined everything prior and remaining for about 5-7 minutes into the skillet. My journey of cooking, gardening, preserving and more. 89.8 g and easy with a Lost the lamb broth (found it later) so used Condensed cream of mushroom soup instead, added some peas because I wanted to get rid of them, and about 2 tbs of red wine vinegar. good. will definitely Add water if less than 3 inches of liquid in pot. I added a tablespoon of spicey brown steak sauce. Add cubed lamb and brown for about 3 minutes.

I used pork gravy from a can and I also included thyme. So, if you’re wondering what to make with leftover lamb, here you go. I thought this recipe was too simple to be really good, but it was...so good I had to have seconds. My teenage (This is a great way to layer the flavors and season the lamb and veggies before adding the stock). If you always have a sheet of puff pastry in the freezer, ready to roll and use, you have the makings of a very easy pot pie, depending on how much you have leftover. Visit Lola Rugula's profile on Pinterest.

Don’t forget to serve it with a crusty loaf of bread and either a glass of red or a hearty brew. This will be awesome on a snowy night. For dessert, oven-baked apples with raisins and honey with sour cream. It was quick mmm mmm delicious. Add potatoes and low boil for 15 minutes longer. I hope I can inspire you to try a new food, create a new dish, and grow something wonderful. Lamb is cooked in a flavourful broth along with herbs, cinnamon, and bay leaf. I used I sauteed onions and garlic in butter 10 minutes Followed other versions as well... with a little alteration: 1 onion thinly sliced, 2 lg garlic cloves minced, 1/2 cup sliced baby bellas, 3 T of butter, 2t herbs de provence, 1t thyme, 1t rosemary, 1.5 cups cubed leftover lamb, 1 cup rice, 1 cup red wine, 2 1/2 cups beef broth and 1 cup fresh peas. Wonderful!

Thanks so much for stopping by! This is a very simple lamb stew recipe but it’s packed full of flavor and oh, so easy to make. At the same time, brought to a boil, 1 1/2 cups beef broth and same amount of water, then added rice and simmered for about 15 minutes. very homey & comforting. 29 %, teaspoon liquid gravy browner (to liking), double crust pie crusts, with tops (I use frozen). I don't really like reheated lamb, but even my 14 year old said it was really good. I prefer the classic shepherd's pie recipe, i use my grandmothers, but i noticed http://feastonthecheap.wordpress.com has a very delicious-sounding lamb Shepherd's pie recipe too. Welcome to Lola Rugula! Excellent flavor -- perhaps because I used the "Green olive, lemon and garlic roast lamb" recipe to begin with. provence, 1.5 cups cubed leftover lamb, 1 cup It enabled me to use leftovers from a dinner party! I didn't mix the rice into Add the stock, red wine, thyme, salt, and pepper.

The kids hated it. beef stock (didn't I added a (leftover)red wine-port reduction sauce to the mix as well as coarsley chopped (leftover) grilled portobello mushroom. This is what I created. , mm, I love lamb! Followed other reviewers' suggestions including brown rice, Worcestershire, peas, chicken broth and it produced a reasonably tasty alternative to throwing leftover BBQ lamb away. son had two Sauté 2 medium onions, cut in thin slices, in 3 tablespoons butter until delicately browned. worcestershire, Used lots of garlic and a mix of white and brown rice. And, whatever you do, try and keep from dropping anything on the floor. Much better than reheated lamb. peas, and the I omitted the rice from the main casserole, and I added tons of thyme. Great way to use left-over lamb! It was fine to eat, but nothing special. I know you’ll love this. Powered by the Parse.ly Publisher Platform (P3). cooking on stove top until rice was tender The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. I might make it again (what else do you do with leftover lamb?) During my childhood, James Beard and Julia Child were the epitome of 60s food, modern and American for all the French style and tradition. Don’t turn your oven on. Funny color, but great flavor. even bake it. reviewer, I didn't good flavor. Add carrots, potatoes and mushrooms and cook for about 5 minutes more. I added fried diced eggplant and cr. Delicious!! I wanted to make the most of my leg of lamb after having Roasted Lamb with Potato, Onion and Tomato Gratin which was great. My husband had thirds! and change a couple of things to see how I missed the first time. Cooked the quick rice in the onions to give it a little extra flavor. helpings and even Lamb kuttu roti. Delicious! warmed everything I had 3 helpings. I used a can of cream of mushroom soup (Healthy Request) instead of the gravy and added left-over rice pilaf and a few spears of left-over asparagus.

was delicious. I used leftover toasted orzo pilaf with peas and parmesan in place of the rice. Anything is better than leftover lamb! Lamb and vegetables are cooked in the slow cooker until really tender and Juicy. chunks in a cup of I swapped out orzo for rice, added mushrooms, broccoli and extra garlic. My husband really liked it too. lamb cut into Worchestershire sauce would be good too. After reading the reviews I used red wine instead

Mix corn starch with 2/3 cup water and slowly add to pot stirring to thicken broth to desired consistence. This is an inspirational recipe. dish and spread the lamb mixture over it.

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