isopropyl alcohol, 70 msds science lab

Identification 1.1. Product Identifier: Isopropyl Alcohol Product Code(s): NC-0030, NC-5238, NC-13697, NC-7465, I1021, I1023, 1078 Synonyms: Isopropanol, 2-Propanol, Dimethylcarbinol, Rubbing Alcohol. h�̗[o�:��� ȗ��H�ҶPQ � Product Name Isopropyl alcohol, 70% in water Cat No. Columbus, WI. First-aid measures after ingestion: Rinse mouth with water. Most important symptoms and effects Difficulty in breathing.

Product Name: Isopropyl Alcohol, 70% (v/v) Synonyms/Generic Names: IPA, Isopropanol, 2-propanol, sec-Propyl alcohol Product Number: 2861 Product Use: Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer: Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. N4335 Temkin Rd.

endstream endobj startxref Immediately after ingestion: give lots of water to … Recommended Use: For manufacturing, industrial, and laboratory use only. Inhalation of high vapor concentrations may cause symptoms like headache, dizziness, tiredness, nausea and vomiting Notes to Physician Treat symptomatically 5. �*r�hi/�&@���L�������S�DQ��(���YQ8�m�D�qF�",�Kh�^�z%g�m��E�����m��{a����ۦ��]��a�K���\��N�X�������K����:���N��e#g��^ȫ�^����|�%�5�]���|_?�j��|�v�J��o�oE���׿2�nmڇ~��ߢ��gg���kpH\���v�ʯ�j����~�n�������6A!�$��q�qNҎ.��������GC�$�$��݀��?$� �.

Product identifier Product Identity Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol USP 70% Alternate Names Product Code: 002 1.2. MSDS Name: Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Catalog Numbers: S93269, S93270, A459-1, A459-20, A459-4, A459-500, NC9019861, NC9024637, NC9366627, NC9405257, NC9600878, NC9761180, S76791 Synonyms: Isopropanol; Dimethylcarbinol; sec-Propyl alcohol; Rubbing alcohol; Petrohol; 1-Methylethanol; 1- 31 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<323F053115450A25975A984423DBB28A><9D7E839E449C6D4A8FAD378531B068A3>]/Index[17 23]/Info 16 0 R/Length 77/Prev 35138/Root 18 0 R/Size 40/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream %PDF-1.3 %����

: A459-1; A459-20; A459-4; A459-500; XXA459N119; NC1321602; A459-200 Synonyms IPA; Isopropanol (70% aqueous solution) Recommended Use Laboratory chemicals.

17 0 obj <> endobj For use as a solvent, as a cleaning agent, or as a laboratory reagent. Isopropyl alcohol 70% in water ACC# 89530 Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification: MSDS Name: Isopropyl alcohol 70% in water Catalog Numbers: AC613190040, AC613245000, A459-1, A459-20, A459-4, A459-500, NC9290641, NC9405257, NC9524653, NC9761180 Synonyms: Isopropanol; Dimethylcarbinol; sec-Propyl alcohol; Rubbing alcohol; Petrohol; 1 … Isopropyl Alcohol 70% SAFETY DATA SHEET MP-REF-60070S Page 3 of 11 Revision 1: 03 May 2016 Replaces: 26 October 2015 First-aid measures after eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water. 53925 For More Information: 920-623-2140 (Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30) www.columbuschemical.com In Case of Emergency Call: CHEMTREC - 800 … Material Safety Data Sheet. endstream endobj 18 0 obj <> endobj 19 0 obj <>/ProcSet 38 0 R/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 20 0 obj <>stream Product Name: 70% RUBBING ALCOHOL Revision Date: January 29, 2009 Prepared By: Regulatory Affairs Manufacturer: Canadian Custom Packaging Emergency Phone #: (416) 638 -1111 SECTION 2: COMPOSITI ON/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Component C.A.S. %%EOF Do not apply neutralizing agents.

Columbus, WI.

Take victim to an ophthalmologist if irritation persists. h�bbd``b`*�@���`M,� b/�`>R�b�$�3@� �+��$n�1012, �������x�@� L� Uses advised against Food, drug, pesticide or biocidal product use. 0 39 0 obj <>stream # % by weight ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 67 -63 0 60-75 PURIFIED WATER 30-40 Synonyms/Generic Names: 2-Propanol, 70%; Isoprpanol, 70%; Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol Product Number: 2875 Product Use: Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer: Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. N4335 Temkin Rd. Isopropyl alcohol, 70% in water Revision Date 25-Mar-2020 Ingestion Clean mouth with water and drink afterwards plenty of water. 53925 For More Information Call: 920-623-2140 (Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30) In Case of Emergency Call: CHEMTREC - … Fire-fighting measures Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol USP 70% SDS Revision Date: 01/09/2018 002 - Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% Page 1 of 9 1.

Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Emergency Telephone Number CHEMTRECÒ, Inside the USA: 800 … h�b```e``�c`f`����ˀ ��@����a��7� ��b�@�9�,h��C5�,�M��녠�0���H � ��� Uses Advised Against: Not for food, drug, or household use.

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