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How to Become a Scientist of Your Own Emotions, by Jill Suttie: A Q&A with researcher Marc Brackett about how to cultivate emotional intelligence in ourselves and our kids. This year, APA’s 89 journals will publish more than 4,500 articles. Here my compilation of the 10 most interesting Science news articles that I have read today. As we continue to explore the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding, we turn up new tidbits of stunning trivia that blow our minds on a regular basis.

Amy L. Eva, Ph.D., is the associate education director at the Greater Good Science Center. Research published in the Royal Society Open Science journal in November showed that dolphins tend to favor their right sides, or "exhibit a strong right-side bias," when foraging for food. DOI: 10.1037/pst0000219, Parenting style and child temperament influence one another, and both contribute to children’s behavior problems, according to this study in Developmental Psychology (Vol. Findings submitted to the National Academy of Sciences in July revealed that stimuli caused by external factors such as weather, animals, and even humans can spark "short-term molecular changes and long-term developmental effects" in plants. What Happens When We Listen to Teachers’ Stories? DOI: 10.1037/dev0000707, Children and adolescents with depression also experience problems with episodic memory, and those problems are related to stress, adversity, emotion regulation and hippocampal volume, suggests this study in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology (Vol. Below are some of the most interesting articles that have furthered these conversations and will get us thinking about what's to come in 2019. Interesting articles to read when bored are collected here. The election is over, but many young people will need help understanding what just happened. From human-sized penguins to a new discovery about the "Lovers of Modena" skeletons, here are 19 interesting facts from 2019. Human bodies can move for more than a year after death. Pathological Gaming. In turn, higher infant regulatory capacity and negative affect at 6 months predicted greater maternal permissive parenting style at 18 months. This review article in the International Journal of Play Therapy (Vol. Palmer, C. (2019, December). The PNAS journal explained in March that the water beads in the grape create plasma, which results in a mini fireworks show. As we continue to explore the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding, we turn up new tidbits of stunning trivia that blow our minds on a regular basis. Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve lives, Clinical Handbook of Emotion-Focused Therapy, Forgiveness and Letting Go in Emotion-Focused Therapy, Deliberate Practice in Emotion-Focused Therapy, Parent Training for Autism Spectrum Disorder, © 2020 American Psychological Association. Science Center • People who can get by on only a few hours of sleep may seem like superheroes to those of us who need our eight hours, and it turns out they may indeed have a particular kind of rare quality that gives them that unique ability. Children’s book author Yuyi Morales writes a gratitude letter to the librarian who had a big impact on her. 6). "If you drink just one of these beers every day it would be very good for you," Claassen said. "This is a strong concept. What does it really take to forgive someone? Researchers "discovered a previously unknown meshlike organ covering the skin that senses dangerous environmental stimuli," the study reported. Looking for inspiration to start the new decade off on the right foot? In the past, several graves were found with pairs of individuals laid hand in hand, but in all cases, it was a man and a woman. From human-sized penguins to a new discovery about the "Lovers of Modena" skeletons, here are 19 interesting facts from 2019. While it doesn't have a specific name, the organ is made up of "specialized glial cells."

Diamonds are stunning on their own, but this year, miners in the Russian republic of Yakutia made an incredible discovery—a diamond with another diamond moving freely inside it, which was the first discovery of its kind in the history of global diamond mining. 2), the two creators of goal setting theory summarize more than 50 years of research on the importance of setting goals for improving team and individual performance. Become a subscribing member today. That's because, according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition in August, eating "sodium in cheese may be an effective strategy to reduce cardiovascular disease." Back in 2009, archaeologists who were excavating the Italian city of Modena found a pair of skeletons that had been buried side-by-side and shared a grave for 700 years. Some of the other risks identified included living in a family with a non-nuclear structure, having a parent who experienced intimate partner violence, having a chronic physical or mental health condition, and being female. They also point to findings that have expanded and bolstered the theory: the importance of setting learning rather than performance goals, setting both short-term and long-term goals, and using theory principles in arenas outside of work, such as in sports and creative endeavors. What if we didn't take good things for granted, and recognized all the kindness we receive from others? Wilson and team said they believe the movement is caused by the body's ligaments drying out, shrinking, and contracting. "The most interesting thing for us was to find out how the air space between the inner and outer diamonds was formed," said Oleg Kovalchuk, deputy director for innovations at ALROSA's Research and Development Geological Enterprise. Popping a bottle of champagne releases the same shock waves as a jet. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the science behind social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and ethical development, join us for our annual Summer Institute for Educators.

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