how to calculate board feet in a log

These scales let you calculate the board feet of groups of logs when you know their diameter at breast height. Can anyone help with any of this? Figure on buying 50 percent more lumber than your project calls for. It leaves a space of a 1/4 of an inch between the boards to account for the thickness of the woodcutting equipment.

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Attach a couple pieces of 1/2″ plywood, 2″ x 3″, to both faces of one end of the body for the rule hook (Image 1, below). The Scribner scale involves drawing the cross-sections of 1-inch boards in circles to represent the end views of logs. While prices for thicker stock are usually listed on a price sheet, wide-board premiums are not so straightforward. This board foot calculator allows you to quickly estimate the volume of hardwood lumber you want to buy. Use your measurements with the attached table to determine the approximate number of board feet the log holds. When a log is truncated from a tree, it generally retains some of the shape of the tree's trunk. Move over on the scale to that length column. The log in the above photos was 13 inches and 16′, so we estimate the log as having 115 board feet of lumber.

The volume of wood can be further estimated in log volume calculator cubic meters with more refined geometry of the shape of a tree trunk.

Otherwise, simply type the dimensions of a wood piece into this board foot calculator! In that case, you have to take a cross section of the log, and lay out the cross sections of your boards. For these limbs of the tree, the cubic feet volume is V=π h ( r12 + r22 + r1 r2) / 3 in which r1 and r2 are the radii of the two circular bases. (A board foot in its purest sense is a board 1″ thick, 12″ long and 12″ wide.)

Most log rules have been used to calculate the volume of commonly sized logs and printed in table form. To make the rule, grab some scraps of 1/2″ or 1/4″ plywood.

By entering in the diameter and the height, the scaling techniques for International, Doyle, and Scribner are calculated and shown on the screen. V = pi * (D/2)^2 * L This rule is much more consistent and more effectiveness in comparing log volumes. You can imagine the top and bottom circular bases as two different planes that intercept a larger cone structure. You will find one for the International 1/4 Log Rule below. A. y+5=2(x−3)  B. y−5=2(x+3)  C. y−5=3(x−2)  D. y+5=3(x−2). Whatever you can't use to make one of those is waste, so you wouldn't count that as board foot volume. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

1 bf = 1 ft * 1 ft * (1 in * 1 ft/12 in) 1 bf = 1/12 ft^3.

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