how is the zampogna played

Oh, children! And you should wait a half hour between taking the biscuits out of the boiling water and putting them into the oven. This was in 1982. Bagpipes are a woodwind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag. The shepherds were simple people living all the time with their sheep and four or five dogs [Note 9]. 1 egg 1 spoonful of salt, not a coffee spoon but larger Each poor family was given a piece of it to cultivate. Cara Serena, i will definetly visit the museo di Zampognaonmy next trip to Italy.

), cured and turned inside out. [See this relief map of the mountain ranges of Abruzzo and Molise; if you draw a straight line from Naples to Termoli, the first mountain range you run into is the Matese. Hear Tommaso and the zampogna in O Come, Shepherds from December 4–8 and 10. Drop the rings a few at a time into boiling water until they rise to the surface.

Thank you! They were gente con poca cultura, pecorari, gentilissimi, troppo gentili ("people of little education, shepherds -- i.e. Often bellows-blown and without bass drone, it is characteristically played with the hurdy-gurdy. The inn and the two masserie ("farms") were next to each other in the Valley. They are trying to re-establish the tradition of the bagpipe players in Molise. Usually the double-reeded zampogna will have a soprano chanter on the right and a bass one on the left. In Southern Italy there are many rites connected to the zampogna. He said: "Thank you and Merry Christmas", and he went on playing in the village. Zampogne will have as many as three drones, which are the pre-tuned pipes that play a single continuous note. My father remembers huge flocks from around 1947-1948. In the dialect of the Ciociaria region where these pipes are very popular these are called ritta (right) and manga (left). Well this is where we insert the round stock which contains the chanters and drones (the noisy bits, for the non-musical reader). Taking advantage of the fact that the sheep had to be kept inside at that time of the year, the shepherds used to organize themselves in teams and go from one village to another to play the zampogna for Christmas. They were poor men trying to earn a little money at Christmas time, instead of being home with their families.

Daviduzzu “u ciarameddaru”. If my mother had heard the story from her own mother when she was a child -- "My mother was always talking about i vecch ["the old people"] and i contadin ["the peasant farmers"]" -- she had forgotten. Often there was snow in Gambatesa at Christmas time. In fact there are no modern zampogne that are bellows blown (however there are surviving diagrams of a bellows blown Italian bagpipe from the 1500s). Most of the time they would stop near the Taverna del Tufo. ], The Matese Mountains form the wall or border between Molise's Province of Campobasso and Campania's Province of Caserta. In central-southern Italy, there is a strong musical tradition connected with the zampogna. Its use is inextricably linked to various times of the year. I will be giving two separate zampogna (and organetto) workshop demonstrations. Every church procures zampognari for services during the, of the Immaculate Conception (December 1–8) and the.

In Southern Italy there are many rites connected to the zampogna.

And for your vegan readers, I’m sorry to say that the trend of using a synthetic bag is almost exclusive to the Scapoli tradition, and most other pipers prefer using the traditional goat skin (Sheep is almost never used). How the Italian tradition began: Saint-Francis of Assisi and the first presepe. The name zampogna seems to have come from the ancient Greek word symphonia, probably due to the fact that the instrument produces a harmony of sounds rather than a single note, although if the instrument is not tuned very precisely ‘cat’s chorus’ might be a better description! There are actually at least 3 different types of single reeds zampogne – The Surdulina, like you mentioned, plus a pipe found in Eastern Sicily and Southern Calabria locally known as “ciaramedda,” as well as another single reed pipe found in Southern Calabria called “a moderna.” I have to correct one other mistake, you labeled the “soffietto” as bellows. (Pope Francis, "On the Meaning and Importance of the Nativity Scene", Greccio (Rieti, Lazio), 1 December 2019, paraphrased, ["Signing of the Letter of the Nativity Scene", idem.]) The spring is the time for tanning hides, while the summer is perfect for the carving and tuning reeds. It was then that I fell in love with the instrument and decided that when I grew up I would unlock its secrets. The wine of Gambatesa tastes a bit like vinegar.

Thank you for your interesting contribution to my blog, I wanted to write a bit about La Zampogna because a bagpipe is not something that most people usually associate with Italy, and I find it’s tradition and construction technique fascinating. [See The Sheep Migration Trails of Molise.]

Each family had its own way of tuning the instrument, its own methods of carving reeds, and its own repertoire of music.

If you tell me what part of Italy your Zampogna name came from I can tell you rather precisely what type of Zampogna your ancestor would have played. She was moved and she gave him some money. From people who spoke what they believed… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…, "Child language provides a window into the mind. The animals hair is left on and is contained on the the inside of the bag which is called an otre (leather bag, or container made out of animal skin, from Latin uter which is also the root of the English word uterus). Wow! If the family was around the table for supper, the zampognaro was invited to join them for the meal.

It was then that I fell in love with the instrument and decided that when I grew up I would unlock its secrets.

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