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Always on the lookout for interesting new digital work and marketers (and sales leaders) to talk to. Or they have an easy-to-access About page, but it doesn’t give you a sense of their history, personality, or passion.

They either have a droll mission buried somewhere on their site. Post’s cereal had a preferable appearance and texture: The flakes had a more natural tone and there were more oat and almond pieces than Great Value’s.

Additionally, three out of 10 consumers in the study say they are now “buying more store brand products” compared to a year ago, and more than 77 percent of respondents “agree” that the store brands they buy “are as good as, if not better than, national brand products.”. Walmart is supplementing its quality promise with a staffed toll free number for product inquiries.

Best of all, they end the page with an infographic breakdown of their pricing model, which shows how the company turns a profit while keeping prices reasonable. We’re especially fond of their brand values, intentionally written in simple, direct language. They put it front and center with a visual and interactive About page.

People want to see your brand as a whole entity. It also sells a line of deli products under the name Marketside. And, though the latter have already taken such steps, Wal-Mart, today, urged the food industry to continue stepping up its game. From Halloween to Hanukkah,…, Walmart has a rich history of supporting our veterans over the years, starting with our first veteran, founder Sam Walton.

Great Value is one of Walnart’s Private labels, meaning this is a brand that can only be sold at Walmart. This clothing company aimed to disrupt the fast-fashion industry through “radical transparency.” Their About page is a great example of that mission at work. They’re highly economical with their words, telling the story through simple blurbs that cover everything from their mission to their ongoing innovation (they have 500 patents and counting!). Through a letter from the founder, an informative video, and a visual guide to their products, they tell you everything, from why Swell was created (to rid the world of plastic water bottles) to their philosophy for product design (beautiful, charitable, sustainable). content marketing tips, tools, and resources. BENTONVILLE, Ark., March 16, 2009 – At a time when families need to make every penny count, Walmart today released new details about the expansion and enhancement of its Great Value brand in the United States. It also includes the founder’s photo (not a stuffy head shot), a nice touch that shows visitors that the brand is run by real people who have also dealt with their issues. This includes your: Articulating these ideals (and making them easy to access) is crucial. How much would you save? It recently introduced World Table, a food line built on the notion of "discovery." You may opt-out by, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, a healthy makeover of its Great Value brand.


This is a missed opportunity that hurts both the brand and the potential customer. Even their bright, bold brand colors bring a lively energy to the page (which could easily be a dull corporate stock page). This is a missed opportunity that hurts both the brand and the potential customer. UNICEF USA, BCRF, and (RED). that bring their brand personality to life in an entertaining way.

Luckily, there are many brands that do a great job of expressing their ideals in an inspiring, engaging, and enticing way. Wal-Mart today unveiled a healthy makeover of its Great Value brand, but a private label play may indeed be beneath the company's latest move. There's great value to be found – if you know where to look. Two things that won’t change this year, however, are the human desire to celebrate, and Walmart’s desire to be there for customers. Above the scroll on the homepage, the website says that you can instantly make your website better. The less work the better, as Wal-Mart already has quite a few brands on its hands to manage.

To date,…, This year, we’ve had our foot on the accelerator expanding our pickup and delivery services, so customers can get the items they need quickly and safely.

Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats with Crispy Almonds vs. Walmart’s Great Value Almond Crunchy Honey Oats. How to Apply Good Design at Every Level of Your Organization, Free E-Book: How to Build a Long-Term Content Strategy in a Real-Time World, Introducing Column Five's First Video Game: Groove Glider, How a Divisible Content Strategy Gives You More Content With Less Work. The page features a simple story told via parallax scroll.

They offer their specific definitions for each value, making sure everyone knows exactly what they mean—and how to keep them accountable.

Visitors get a sense of the brand’s journey (now the fastest-growing female-owned company), as well as the important work they’re doing with charities like.

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