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"The thrill of live theater is watching the show unfold right before your eyes," Enck added. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. We knew we should put some focus on digital availability for our titles. It's going to be broadcast in 4K, high definition all the way around. Get insight on new movies, music, and books all from a Christian perspective sent right to your inbox. First off, how have you and the Sight & Sound team been making it through the coronavirus pandemic so far? That's our hope for what audiences walk away with …that is knowing that they too are designed and created with a purpose for this moment in history. If you have an immediate prayer need, please call our 24-hour prayer line at 800-700-7000. Experience the Bible’s most epic stories as they come to life on a panoramic stage! We've been saying for the last couple of years, we need to continue to grow. We will be sharing our heart for what this year has been and what we believe God is doing, not just with Sight & Sound, but with this story.

We thought wouldn't it be great to someday do a live broadcast? Some 434 performances of “Queen Esther” had been scheduled for its nine-month run in the 2,000-seat theater at Sight & Sound’s studio in Pennsylvania before it was forced to halt the production after its premiere in March due to lockdown orders in response to the novel coronavirus. I think we all just need to know that we can do it and do it well. And so, this year has felt like God took a little seed that had been planted. Sometimes we just want to take control. CP: “Be still” is a theme featured throughout this production.

Final question, after people have viewed this production of Queen Esther on live television or in the theater, what would you like audiences to take away from the experience? Queen Esther was prepared to launch as a stage production on March 14, 2020, but Sight & Sound was forced to cancel more than 200 shows due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Sight & Sound Theatres offers unforgettable and uplifting shows.

The live event will feature a pre-show, a 20-minute intermission, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews, a tour of the set, and a look into how the production was created. "Esther chose courageous faith in the face of chaos, fear, and uncertainty. We're super grateful to be reopened now. No, we really want the theater experience to translate through on the screen. Watching Queen Esther have her entire world turned upside down (was incredible). Sight & Sound Theatres is gearing up to present its first-ever live worldwide broadcast of “Queen Esther” and the production’s lead actors shared with The Christian Post the impact that being still in God can have on everyone during uncertain times. 12 Must-Listen Podcasts. Please click here to learn how. It's like we wrote it for now but we didn’t. host Alex Trebek dies at 80, Netflix's 'Country Ever After' star Coffey Anderson on faith, family and wife's cancer battle, Christian outfielder Juan Soto wins first Silver Slugger award. We opened Noah in Branson on June 16th and just a few weeks ago reopened for the first time this year in Lancaster with Queen Esther, which is a brand-new show. When there are moments of what is going on and how do I do what God has called me to do when I'm in my house, or when things aren't open, or when our theater isn't open, how am I supposed to do this? Exclusively on Sight & Sound TV. It is a captivating tale of beauty and bravery. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. What's my part in this?’ For this show specifically, the final line of the show is something like, ‘May we all have the courage to trust God and know that He has planted us right where we are for such a time as this.’ For me, that is what I keep telling my kids throughout this year and what I keep trying to remind myself of. Please click here to view some of those sites. What is your greatest hope for the production? We'll be broadcasting in true live form that Friday night, September 4th, but we know that that time may not work for everybody. He has planted truly every single one of us, right where we are for His purposes and for a calling that is so far beyond what we even might know in this moment. (She experienced) everything from social injustice to complete chaos and uncertainty swirling around her while she is trying to find the courage to just be still and know that God has a plan in the middle of all of it. If the live TV broadcast is successful, are there plans to make this more of a regular event going forward? Sometimes we just want to fix things. So, there was a few months that the building itself, aside from a few animal caretakers, was completely empty. Some 434 performances of "Queen Esther" had been scheduled for its nine-month run in the 2,000-seat theater at Sight & Sound’s studio in Pennsylvania before it was forced to halt the production immediately after its premiere in March. I think we had roughly 400 people (theater capacity is approximately 2,000) for the opening show. We really want that theatrical experience to translate through on the screen. Sight & Sound will stream its new musical Queen Esther on its new streaming platform, Sight-Sound.TV, live from Lancaster, Pa., Friday (Sept. 4) at 7 p.m. Eastern, with encore showings on Saturday (3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern) and Sunday (8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern). That is the question of the hour and one that we have already decided we're not even going to talk about until we get through the first one. I feel like that’s how we are in life. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

Who are the ’Unreached’ and Why Does it Matter that They Get ’Reached’? And then, while the whole world has been at a standstill, it feels like it's the thing that God has been cultivating in us at Sight & Sound, causing us to grow at a much faster speed than we ever could have been able to do if we were in a normal mode of operation. Will the show look any different from what viewers see in a typical Sight & Sound theater experience?

We will be having a pre-show and an intermission show as well. Using television and the Internet, CBN is proclaiming the Good News in 149 countries and territories, with programs and content in 67 languages.

So I had a dog, and she ran underneath the Christmas tree and she got stuck underneath the chords of the Christmas tree. God knew exactly what the world was going to need, what we were going to need in this season. Do you want award-winning journalism with a Christian worldview, delivered to your inbox? The live performance will be available to watch on Sight and Sound's new streaming platform sight-sound.tv on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. Eastern time along with other stage productions by Sight & Sound Theaters on Labor Day weekend.

We are here to help and encourage you! September 3, 2020 Set in the opulent yet perilous Persian Empire, QUEEN ESTHER is a captivating tale of beauty and bravery, and it’s now officially at Sight & Sound Theatres through 2021! It has certainly been a challenging year but it's also been a year of continuing to see and experience the faithfulness of God in a very real way that we're incredibly grateful for.

Visit Sight-Sound.tv for more information. facebook.com/sightsoundtheatreslancaster/. Sight & Sound's “Jesus” on TV, Streaming Again in Encore Event, Sight and Sound Theater Introduces the Greatest Story Ever Told, For the Love of Moses: Sight & Sound Brings Epic Old Testament Story to the Big Screen, In Unison: Jeremy, Adrienne Camp on Learning to Follow God’s Will in Marriage, Top Survival Hacks for Parents in Quarantine. Sight and Sound Theatres’ grandiose original stage production of QUEEN ESTHER will come to life in a special live broadcast event. Our government mandates were extremely tight, so we were not even technically supposed to have anybody meeting on the property since we were deemed a non-essential business for several months. The audience is as much a part of it as the players on stage. Get more than a Sunday sermon. And so, knowing that this audience is going to be a global audience across the screen, it doesn't change anything for us in the way that we want to present the show. Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media. Tom Wolf issued executive orders limiting indoor gatherings, the theater was forced to cancel its performances.

Queen Esther was prepared to launch as a stage production on March 14, 2020, but Sight & Sound was forced to cancel more than 200 shows due to the global coronavirus pandemic. March on Washington Events to Focus on Racial Justice, Police Brutality, Voting, Evangelical ‘Never Trumpers’ Appear at Alternative Republican National Convention, Jerry Wiles on Your Memory and Your Spiritual Life, Tropical Storm Eta Leaves Behind Massive Flooding in Caribbean. With the two shows on hold, did the actors continue to rehearse or did everything just stop? Some 434 performances of "Queen Esther" had been scheduled for its nine-month run in the 2,000-seat theater at Sight & Sound’s studio in Pennsylvania before it was forced to halt the production immediately after its premiere in March. Your chief creative officer, Josh Enck, has been quoted as saying, “Esther’s story is one of courageous faith in the midst of chaos.”  Do you feel the same way about Sight & Sound the last few months in this time of COVID-19? If we would just be still and listen, we’ll hear Him. Sight & Sound Theatres' stage production of "Queen Esther" will make its worldwide broadcast debut on Sept. 4, 2020. BCNN1 is a part of that network. QUEEN ESTHER comes to life like never before in a special live streaming event.

Despite the shutdown, the timing for this production seems perfect, as Queen Esther is the story of a young woman who lives out her courageous faith in the midst of chaos. As a result, 400,000 ticket holders were unable to get a glimpse of this captivating tale from the Old Testament. The show, which includes a panoramic stage that usually surrounds an audience on three sides features music, action, visual effects, and live animals. You’re invited to gather your friends and family, joining viewers from around the world as this riveting Bible story comes to life right in your living room. And even in this year, He has taken us so much further, so much faster than we ever could have done on our own, even in the midst of all of the challenges. Specifically, what can you tell me about the live broadcast? "After canceling over 200 shows, and knowing that hundreds of thousands of people would not be able to experience the powerful message of 'Queen Esther,' we knew we had to do something. She in some ways went into quarantine in a palace. Nearly four years in development, their latest production, Queen Esther, will debut in a special worldwide pay per view event this Friday, September 4th, with encore performances available on Saturday and Sunday. We constantly float around “wouldn’t it be great someday” ideas. Taking the pandemic out of it, we know the whole world can't come visit us in two locations. Queen Esther and King Xerxes played by actors, Jessica Brown and Justin Mazzella, 2020 | 130A. Was the idea to do a live broadcast of the show on Labor Day weekend even a thought at that point? © BCNN1: Black Christian News Network One. Specifically, we're going to have 10 cameras. "This show is truly meant for such a time as this," Sight & Sound Chief Creative Officer Josh Enck said in a statement shared with CP. "We're so excited to bring that same experience to living rooms all across the world.". And trusting that even in the middle of not understanding everything that might be happening around us, that God knows. (718) 339-2928 Sight and Sound Queen Esther Lancaster, PA Experience one of the most riveting Bible Stories of the Old Testament. I think our hopes for the future, we know what Sight & Sound is and what we're called to do, and that God has been growing us for the last couple of years. But it is something we've thrown around in the past. Can you share a little bit about what has happened behind the scenes since you were forced to shut down both theaters in mid-March?

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