doctored yellow cake mix

I like to use French vanilla pudding mix with plain vanilla cake mix.

Thanks so much! Nothing on this site should be considered professional advice. Update: Here is a quick reference chart to make things easier ;). There are many different ways to doctor up a boxed cake mix, but this method is my very favorite for basic flavors and is also the most popular with my customers! Feel free to reach out with any questions, and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible. If the cake mix already has pudding mix in it do you still add a pudding mix?

You could.

You can bake anything!

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I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more help, but I’m unsure without experimenting myself. We certainly appreciate it. I'm going to share with you my favorite formula for doctoring boxed cake mixes!

You’ll probably need two boxes of mix. You will probably need to heat the coconut oil slightly to get it in it’s liquid form.

This liquid can be water, milk (I do not recommend because it can give off a strong dairy taste, but it will work), soda, coffee (goes great with chocolate cake), or even bottled or freshly squeezed fruit juice! It begins with a box, but it tastes homemade. They all LOVE it! Now, I use coconut oil because I’m trying to get away from processed vegetable oil. This formula gives me the most moist and tender cake! I’m not sure since I haven’t made any cake recently. Use it to make coffee cakes, sugar cookies, peanut butter bars, orange cake, pineapple upside-down cake, even Hummingbird cake. , I tried your doctored cake mix recipe recently (adding pudding, 1 extra egg and 1 oz extra oil) and it turned out very heavy , with lots of “dimples” on top. Probably would … That’s an interesting point. Create something unique, get crazy! Join me as I show you how to master your routines, overcome obstacles, and find the time you so desperately need.

Formula For Doctored Box Cake. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab3222dbe0f2519cf3a0b801bb7017f0" );document.getElementById("f87edacb29").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

I guess I’ll have to pick up some mix this week and give it a try.

The added fat from the pudding mix is what makes it so moist. For candy flavors, a few drops go a long way... so use just a tiny bit at a time! It is a better mix with better ingredients.

Thank you so much for finding me and stopping by. i love the cheesecake pudding idea, what would buttercream frosting taste with the cheesecake pudding mix ? I feel safer using disposable pastry bags.Paper Mart – If you’re gifting or selling your baked goods, I’ve found Paper Mart to be a really good resource for packaging. Real ingredients not only make you feel better about picking up a cake mix, but they translate into real flavor once the cake is baked. It is perfect if you want a nice quality cake, but lack a lot of time or experience. Coconut oil has a very low melting point, so it won’t take much. Will it hold up well??

Pour the batter into a cake pan or cupcake tins.

Typically, I’ll bake two half-sheet pans (2 boxes each), then level and layer them after they’ve cooled.

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