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I encourage hon. Instead of protesting outside, come inside and have a conversation to see where we can make progress together.” One of the people I met during those conversations was a man called Paul, who is commonly known as the “tree lawyer” because of his real passion for protecting our ancient trees and woodlands. We see that happen in this country, where people are literally dying as a result of the quality of the air. We are seeing water shortages, we are seeing the effect on natural ecosystems, biodiversity and coral reefs, and we are seeing the impact on crop production. See more of Alexander Stafford MP on Facebook

I really worry about the Government’s approach, as they have not invited Extinction Rebellion for a conversation to seek common ground. Members have—but I can see the difference.

The challenge I lay down today is not that we prepare for the next election or Queen’s Speech, but that we think about a child being born today in this country. Paul’s ambition was to give ancient trees the protection they need, but perhaps people just want protection for the green belt, to make sure that those who live in an urban environment have access to good-quality green space.

“They should urgently consider whether Anthony Browne is a suitable candidate to represent their party in light of these remarks.”.

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Unfortunately, when people talk about a town such as Oldham, they often talk about the north as though it is some kind of distant land. John Major – 2020 Speech at Middle Temple, Nigel Adams – 2020 Statement on Elections in Myanmar, Grant Shapps – 2020 Speech to the Airport Operators Association, Victoria Prentis – 2020 Comments on Fisheries Agreement Between UK and Greenland, Gerry Grimstone – 2020 Comments on Office for Investment, Claire Coutinho – 2020 Speech on the Domestic Abuse Bill, Claire Coutinho – 2020 Maiden Speech in the House of Commons, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Press Release. When planning for the future, we are all very short-term in this place. Get insights on TheyWorkForYou and other mySociety sites, in our popular newsletter, Your donations keep this site and others like it running. They are sick of demanding that the Government listen to them and of asking for a fairer share. I think back to four years ago, when I was in the same position, as it is a huge responsibility to make a maiden speech. But the solution is to treat the majority where they live, rather than the small number who can make it to Britain to access HIV treatment on the NHS.”, In a passage about Muslim leaders warning the Iraq war could cause social unrest, he wrote: “Whatever the merits or demerits of war on Iraq, it is hardly a national strength to have a large minority with such divided loyalties during war.”. They are so expensive to build on that it is far easier for a developer to build on green space. People recognise that this is an opportunity to have decent, well-paid, secure and skilled jobs. 2019 has seen a … The first challenge is: how do we connect everyday people with the environment? There is a financial cost, but the human and wildlife cost is significant and the suffering is evident.

Political Speech Archive – Over 7,000 speeches on British Politics, Below is the text of the speech made by Claire Coutinho, the Conservative MP for East Surrey, in the House, The speech made by Sir John Major on 9 November 2020. I wanted a conversation with them about their views in order to seek common ground on the solutions, so we had a meeting in 1 Parliament Street.

It is a pleasure to follow the maiden speech of Claire Coutinho and all the other fantastic maiden speeches.

Why not fight to say that every child will have the ability to look up to a clear night sky or to walk to school without breathing in toxic air that could eventually kill them? I am proud to say that in Oldham the council is doing that; this week, it announced plans for a project called “Northern Roots”, whereby we would have an eco-park of 160 acres right in Oldham town centre and beyond, into the countryside.

I said, “This is your Parliament. He also suggested that “curbing the influx of HIV immigrants” would be a better public health approach to tackling HIV than telling people to wear condoms.

I think back to four years ago, when I was in the same position, as it is a huge responsibility to make a maiden speech. It has various passages on the same theme, saying: “The fact that African immigration has overtaken gay sex as the main cause of HIV in Britain is a sign that Europe can no longer ignore the entirely preventable Aids holocaust consuming the continent next door. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

A former aide to Boris Johnson is facing calls to stand down as an election candidate after Labour accused him of “disgusting racism” over some of his writings that blamed immigrants for bringing germs and HIV to the UK and accused Muslims of having divided loyalties. The articles, which I deeply regret writing, also don’t give a fair reflection of my views. Dominic Raab’s special adviser, Simon Jupp, is standing in East Devon and Claire Coutinho, an adviser to Rishi Sunak, the chief secretary to the Treasury, is standing in East Surrey. I worry that some hon. We talk about connecting the natural environment and about protecting what we have got, but in towns such as Oldham, where terraced streets and industrial land have been built up to make the town we see today, many communities are denied access to good-quality green, environmental space. The aim of that meeting was not only to connect, but to protect. Last modified on Mon 3 Feb 2020 07.44 EST. Another suggestion was for worldwide twinning. He said at the time: “I do very much regret any offence caused by any past newspaper articles.

Several former advisers from previous No 10 regimes have also been selected, including Laura Trott, a former adviser to David Cameron, Mario Creatura, a former adviser to Theresa May, Paul Holmes, who worked for the former party chair Patrick McLoughlin, and Anthony Mangnall, a former aide to William Hague. A Conservative party spokesperson said: “These comments were made over 15 years ago, Anthony Browne has apologised for these comments and sincerely regrets them.” Browne did not respond to requests for comment. Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 2:56 pm on 15th January 2020.

Members to get their printed copy from Hansard, as it is quite a treat to take back home.

The test for me as to whether Britain thrives—Members would expect me to say this, because I represent Oldham, Chadderton and Royton—is whether towns such as mine can be part of that journey. We need to think that that child will live to see the next century. The Liberal Democrat candidate for South Cambridgeshire, Ian Sollom, said they were “abhorrent remarks”.

Labour criticises ‘shocking’ writings by Anthony Browne, a former aide to Boris Johnson, Mon 11 Nov 2019 15.18 EST

January 19, 2020 admin 2020, Claire Coutinho, Maiden Speech, Speeches. So the green revolution, the industrial revolution for our economy, is really important. #VEDay75.

Let me make it clear that I believe strongly that the foundations are in place in this country to thrive and rebuild on the back of a green revolution. A town such as Oldham has acres and acres of dirty brownfield sites that are contaminated. It is our collective responsibility to try to find a solution.

On Monday night, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Thurrock, Kevin McNamara, issued an apology and stood down after the party launched an investigation into posts made to his social media allegedly involving homophobic and racist slurs. All rights reserved.

There are over 7,000 speeches and a growing number of press releases relating to British politics on this site, some of which are unique. None of us can escape the extreme weather conditions or the impact of flooding and coastal change. They talk about a town that once was and not as one that has a stake in the future, but those people could not be further from the truth. If we just continue that conversation, we are not capitalising on the skills that still exist in these towns.

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