carboxylic acid derivatives reactions summary

Carbonyl Reactivity and IR Stretching Frequency • Nitriles: Simple acyclic nitriles are named by adding nitrile as a suffix to the name of the corresponding alkane (same number of carbon atoms). In the case of the amide, aldehyde formation requires the loss of an aluminum amide (R'2N–Al), an unlikely process. Reactions #4 & 5 display the acylating capability of anhydrides. On the other hand, for most cases of electrophilic aromatic substitution bond-making preceded bond-breaking. CH3CH2COCl is propanoyl chloride (or propionyl chloride). This may occur by way of an intermediate aldehyde imine created by addition of the first equivalent of hydrogen. This effect is strongest for α‐substitutions and decreases rapidly as the electron withdrawing group is moved further down the chain.

The consequences of such inductive electron withdrawal on the acidity of carboxylic acids was previously noted. Furthermore, such substitution reactions of alcohols and ethers are rare, except in the presence of strong mineral acids. Bear in mind that anhydrides may also be used as reagents in Friedel-Crafts acylation reactions.

A temperature of -78 ºC is easily maintained by using dry-ice as a coolant. Although amines are among the most reactive nucleophiles, only 1º and 2º-amines give stable amide products. Grignard reagents add to nitriles, forming a relatively stable imino derivative which can be hydrolyzed to a ketone. In this two-stage mechanism bond formation occurs before bond cleavage, and the carbonyl carbon atom undergoes a hybridization change from sp2 to sp3 and back again. Clearly, the mechanism by which acylation reactions occur must be different from the SN1 and SN2 procedures described earlier. from your Reading List will also remove any These mind maps are for both first and second year. All of these substituents have bonds originating from atoms of relatively high electronegativity (Cl, O & N). Other Acylation Reagents and Techniques Because acylation is such an important and widely used transformation, the general reactions described above have been supplemented by many novel procedures and reagents that accomplish similar overall change. If Nuc-H is water the reaction is often called hydrolysis, if Nuc–H is an alcohol the reaction is called alcoholysis, and for ammonia and amines it is called aminolysis. Reductions of carboxylic acid derivatives might be expected to lead either to aldehydes or alcohols, functional groups having a lower oxidation state of the carboxyl carbon. As in the reductions of aldehydes and ketones, the first step in each case is believed to be the irreversible addition of hydride to the electrophilic carbonyl carbon atom. First, the oxygen atom of the carboxyl group bonded to the hydrogen atom has a partial positive charge on it because of resonance. Cleavage of the alkyl moiety in an ester may be effected in several different ways, the most common being the acyl transfer mechanism described above; however, other mechanisms have been observed. (a) When Z is halogen (usually Cl), the derivatives are called as acid chlorides. An interesting correlation between the reactivity of carboxylic acid derivatives and their carbonyl stretching frequencies exists. 2º & 3º-amides have alkyl substituents on the nitrogen atom. Lithium aluminum hydride reduces nitriles to 1º-amines, as shown in the following equation. This explains why reactions #2 & 3 do not give amide products. Acid catalysts act to increase the electrophilicity of the acyl reactant; whereas, base catalysts act on the nucleophilic reactant to increase its reactivity. Similar hydrogen bonding occurs between molecules of 1º and 2º-amides (amides having at least one N–H bond), and the first three compounds in the table serve as hydrogen bonding examples. With excess reagent at temperatures above 0 ºC most carboxylic acid derivatives are reduced to alcohols or amines. Of these, lithium aluminum hydride, often abbreviated LAH, is the most useful for reducing carboxylic acid derivatives. The second equation demonstrates the low reactivity of organocadmium reagents, inasmuch as the ester function is unchanged. This method provides a useful alternative to the catalytic reduction of nitriles, described above, when alkene or alkyne functions are present. Base catalyzed hydrolysis produces carboxylate salts. Indeed, it was noted earlier that carboxylic acids themselves are reduced to alcohols by lithium aluminum hydride. • Esters: The alkyl group is named first, followed by a derived name for the acyl group, the oic or ic suffix in the acid name is replaced by ate. The following table summarizes the influence each of the reducing systems discussed above has on the different classes of carboxylic acid derivatives. Substituent Y (colored green) is eliminated from the tetrahedral intermediate as its anion. Summary This chapter contains sections titled: Fischer–Speier Esterification Mukaiyama Esterification Ritter Reaction Strecker Amino Acid Synthesis Yamada Reactions Yamaguchi Esterification Carboxylic Acid Derivatives Synthesis - Name Reactions for Functional Group Transformations - Wiley Online Library This competition between inductive electron withdrawal and conjugative electron donation was discussed earlier in the context of substituent effects on electrophilic aromatic substitution. CH3(CH2)2CONHC2H5 is N-ethylbutanamide;   &   HCON(CH3)2 is N,N-dimethylmethanamide (or N,N-dimethylformamide). By clicking the "Toggle Effect" button the electron shift in both effects will be displayed sequentially. bookmarked pages associated with this title. Common names for carboxylic acids are derived from Latin or Greek words that indicate one of their naturally occurring sources. Ester derivatives of alcohols may undergo unimolecular syn-elimination on heating. Also, a specific example of acyl chloride formation from the reaction of a carboxylic acid with thionyl chloride will be shown.

By eliminating an aluminum alkoxide (R'O–Al), an aldehyde is formed, and this is quickly reduced to the salt of a 1º-alcohol by LAH. (CH3)2CHCH2C≡N is 3-methylbutanenitrile (or isovaleronitrile). Since acyl chlorides are more reactive than esters, isolation of the ketone intermediate formed in their reactions with organometallic reagents becomes an attractive possibility. Removing #book# Each mind map is appropriately titled roughly one mind map per topic in the course. The fourth question asks you to draw the structural formulas for the products of more than fifty possible reactions of some carboxylic acids. Since relatively few methods exist for the reduction of carboxylic acid derivatives to aldehydes, it would be useful to modify the reactivity and solubility of LAH to permit partial reductions of this kind to be achieved. This acidity is due to two factors. Esters are the most common carbonyl reactants, since they are cheaper and less hazardous to use than acyl chlorides and anhydrides. Al–O(–)), and the resulting iminium double bond would then be reduced to an amine.

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