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Oh it would definitely go in my kitchen in a ready and waiting place of honor! The rest, as they say, is history. 12 product ratings - Cafe La Llave espresso coffee ground, 4 bricks-10oz ea 100% Pure -Free Ship. C $31.46. .

One lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced on September 30 and receive all these Café La Llave-branded swags: 1 baseball cap, t-shirt, a pair of chancletas, mug, a brick, coffee pod, espresso capsule and stickers.

Boasting more than a century of Latin coffee tradition and a business rooted in family, La Llave believes it’s the key to a perfect cup. Thank you for your generosity! Congratulations to Maria E. Prieto, the winner of the Breville Espresso Maker, 4 boxes of Café La Llave espresso pods, and 2 Café La Llave tacitas –  all courtesy of Cafe La Llave.

I need this in my life.

Although the two brands were direct competitors, the families were close friends, both leaving Cuba in the early 1960s in search of new opportunities in Miami.

I would put the Breville Mini Espresso Machine front & center on my counter. Between me and my husband we both would be getting plenty of use out of it! Manuel Bascuas, then owner of Pilon, was in Miami and wanted to retire.

☕️, I would put the cafecito-maker in my kitchen…in a pride of place spot, of course! We only use cafe la llave in my house! I lve @cafelallave!!! UPDATE: 10/17/2020 – COMMENTS CLOSED – WE HAVE A WINNER! I’ve been following Cafe La Llave on social media for some time now.

La llave antigua clásica consistía en una pieza de forma cilíndrica, a veces perforada en forma de tubo, con una o dos paletas al final. I use an old fashioned coffee maker and both my son and I enjoy a delicious cup! Sign up with your email address to receive recipes, news and updates right in your inbox!

Happy blogaversary again! ***************************************************************.

According to the brand, it was one of the first coffee roasters to cater to all Latino communities. In my office or home.

). @cafelallave, 3) Come back and leave another comment and say, “I liked Cafe La Llave!” (We will work on the honor system here. My kids would love it and so will my mom Ya tu sabes.). I love cafe la llave!

The 5th MBFCF Fourteen Years in the Blogosphere Giveaway of 2020 is….

To celebrate # nationalcoffeeday we are giving away this Café La Llave Espresso style swags. Cafe La Llave is my blood type. A coffee born in the barrio, or the hood, Spaniard Gregorio Menendez Bustelo founded the company in the Bronx, New York after moving to the United States. I think my husband and I would be fighting on who gets to use if first in the mornings! Valid only in the USA. Also, do yourself a favor and  please go follow @cafelallave on Instagram!

Cafe La Llave Decaffeinated Decaf Espresso Fine Ground Coffee 8.8 oz - 18 Packs. It takes dedication, a rich history and over 143 years of coffee-roasting expertise. . Filed Under: Celebrate, Cuban-American Life, Food and Drink, Lifestyle Tagged With: Breville espresso maker, Cafe La Llave, Cuban espresso, Giveaway. I need to settle this. . Congratulations to Maria E. Prieto, the winner of the Breville Espresso Maker, 4 boxes of Café La Llave espresso pods, and 2 Café La Llave tacitas – all courtesy of Cafe La Llave..

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Our process makes a difference. Florida and Southeast, please contact: 7855 NW 77th Ave Medley, Florida 33166 305-477-4070 I would put this fabulous coffee maker in my son’s dorm room. If you need help with the Public File, call 407-291-6000.

As our family learned on our coffee estate in Cuba nearly 150 years ago, care is the most important step in cultivating quality coffee. I’ll be choosing ONE winner on Saturday, October 17th, 2020 at 11:00 am PST. Over the years that I’ve been blogging, which is 14, they’ve become personal friends.

4) For a 3rd entry,  SHOW me how you enjoy your Cafe La Llave – cafecito, cortadito, cafe con leche – and share on Instagram with the hashtag #micafelallave – please tag #mybigfatcubanfamily too. I liked Cafe La Llave!

Pilon’s roots stem from the island of Cuba with its origins traced back to the 19th century. Also, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! My husband would put this next to our coffee maker and he would probably have a cafecito every day after work! Thank you.

Gaby is a multimedia producer from Miami. Every day we need a pick me up mid afternoon and what better than with un cafecito. A través de una exclusiva oferta, DimeCuba pone a disposición de su clientela en cualquiera de sus 5 tiendas de la Florida, la venta del delicioso Café La Llave en tan solo $0.99; de manera que con menos de un dólar los clientes pueden llevarse a casa, o en su próxima visita a Cuba lo mejor de la …

Before we ask you to duke it out on your next coffee break, let’s learn a little more about each brand to really get a taste of this debate. The siblings then started roasting coffee in their estate with Ramon’s son Francisco taking a special interest in the craft. It’s the only coffee my household drinks daily.

When the pandemic shut down started in March the first thing I did was order my pods enough for six months. There’s a place for it on my kitchen counter. Or rather that should be I love Cafe La Llave!!! He loves La Llave coffee!!!! A Café La Llave Espresso Maker, 4 boxes of Café La Llave espresso pods, and 2 Café La Llave tacitas. Café la Llave, el café que más disfrutamos nosotros los latinos, en especial los cubanos.Este combo contiene 5 paquetes de Café la Llave con el envío incluido en el precio.

And the person at my home that drinks the most coffee is yours truly, me!

Llave clásica. I’d put it in my kitchen!

They provide a way to recycle the used pods through, Because my life runs on Cuban coffee, there is no better brand for me to celebrate my Cubanity than. Understanding the legacy the Pilon name had built for generations, he kept building upon the success of Pilon in the U.S. La Llave, which translates to “the key,” says it has a history as rich as its coffee. In my coffee corner in my kitchen. Love Cafe La Llave and My Big Fat Cuban family!! Café La Llave Espresso Cafe La Llave Espresso is one of the country’s best-selling espresso brands particularly among Latin consumers. ☕️.

My husband would love this! It had brewed with pride for more than 100 years during a time when coffee built personal relationships and word-of-mouth was the only hope of selling a product. Yes yes yes!!

Besides making the best espresso, the Café con Leche this espresso makes is to die for.

❤️❤️❤️, I think this coffee maker is a work of art!!

I would actually bring it to work. Because of the language barrier he moved to Puerto Rico.

Love it! I liked cafe La Llave. As for who would use it the most in the house, that would definitely be me!

My grandfather left Cuba in 61′ and moved to Miami. He offered Souto the opportunity to roast his formula in his own roasting plant.

“I liked Cafe La Llave!” They are my favorite no other brand tastes as smooth straight.

I’ll be the one to use it everyday. For years, there have been three top contenders: Bustelo, Pilon or La Llave. Using the money he had saved while working at the restaurant in Hotel Pennsylvania, he opened a storefront in 1928 on 5th Avenue called Bustelo Coffee Roasters.

This’ll cafe La Llave is a staple in my house!

I love cafe la place!

I could use an espresso machine – I would love one cause I’d be the one to use it! I have my boss hooked on it too. The three each boast being the best coffee to add with milk for that perfect café con leche -- and each is popularly consumed by Hispanics and Latinos. And already follow them on instagram!

She graduated from the University of Florida and joined the News 6 team in 2018. Valid only in the USA. Customs services and international tracking provided. From growers, the brothers then started roasting coffee in their estate, Hacienda Buenos Aires, gaining the respect and love of the community.

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