buttermilk meaning in sanskrit

-सावित्री N. of a hymn (cf. -दत् a. -2 good policy or prodence. -प्रभ a. very brilliant, glorious. -उक्त a. well-spoken, well-said; अथवा सूक्तं खलु केनापि Ve.3.

22. Most of the people think it is the only product but milk is only one part of the whole. -कन्दकः onion.

-वत्सः a calf. -पर्ण a. -2 Part, possession, share. (-र्णा or -र्णी f.) 1 well-winged; तं भूतनिलयं देवं सुपर्णमुपधावत Bhāg.8.1.11. -2 a milk-maid. (-णम्) 1 observing, examining carefully, determining, ascertaining. -जिह्विका the uvula. Cf. ˚गुरुः the husband; पर्यच्छे सरसि हृतें$शुके पयोभिर्लोलाक्षे सुरतगुरावपत्रपिष्णोः Śi.8.46. vārī (वारी).—f A periodical pilgrimage to a sacred place. -3 the superintendent of a village. -वम् A flock, herd. -3 buttermilk. (-तम्) ind. -4 benevolent. by the --; -sâsana, n. original edict; -sûnya, a. devoid of reality, unreal. Up.6.8.3. 1 well-established.

-4 The goddess of speech, Sarasvatī. -1 A cow-sacrifice -11 A house; cf. -कुलोद्भवा an epithet of Durgā. -दासी a nun.

-9 a king; नासतो विद्यते राजन् स ह्यरण्येषु गोपतिः Mb.12.135.26. -इन्द्रः 1 an owner of kine. -5 Sending away, dismissal. (-धीः) a wise or intelligent man, learned man or pandit. (-र्घा) a kind of cucumber. It cools down to help the body balance out the external heat. -2 a king.

Literature is commonly written in Sanskrit using various poetic metres.

-शतम् a present of a hundred cows to a Brāhmaṇa. -6 a kind of deer. Try it.

-3 natural to, proper for; मानुषतासुलभो लघिमा K. ˚कोप a. easily provoked, irascible. -ऋक्षम् (भाग्यर्क्षम्) the asterism पूर्वा- फल्गुनी.


-3 Sky. buttermilk translation in English-Sanskrit dictionary. 1 having a beautiful navel. -लोहकम् brass. -4 Tread, stepping, movement (of hands, feet &:c.); विकर्षणैः पाणिविहारहारिभिः Ki.4.15; दरमन्थरचरणविहारम् Gīt.11.

Vāri (वारि) is another name for “Śatāvarī” and is dealt with in the 15th-century Yogasārasaṅgraha (Yogasara-saṅgraha) by Vāsudeva: an unpublished Keralite work representing an Ayurvedic compendium of medicinal recipes. Uttara.28. ˚युज् m. a house-breaker. -3 Prosperity, affluence; भाग्येष्वनुत्सेकिनी Ś.4.18.

-हत्या cow-slaughter. A name of Saraswati; the goddess of speech. -दीर्घ a. very long or extended. Ancient India enjoyed religious freedom and encourages the path of Dharma, a concept common to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. (-या) 1 a charming woman.

-2 the day of full moon in the month of Chaitra, or a festival celebrated in honour of Kāmadeva in that month (also सुवसन्तकः in this sense).

-2 the milking of cows; न लक्ष्यते ह्यवस्थानमपि गोदोहनं क्वचित् Bhāg.1.19. She is a graduate of the Waterfront Conservatory and Playhouse, a member of the California Bar, and has a J.D. Sarasvatī.

on khala-buttermilk preparation Showing 1-1 of 1 messages. -वाटम्, -वासः a cow-pen.

-2 the jujube. -3 A gift, donation, present; Ms.2.158; दातव्यमिति यद्दान दीयते$नुपकारिणे Bg.17.2; Y.3.274. It has the following senses:-1 Well, good, excellent; as in सुगन्धि. The sour liquid remaining after butter has been separated from cream. -पुत्रः 1 a young bull.

-3 coriander seed. in reality; -tâ, f. being the object of (--°ree;); reality: in. B.16.45. -2 thoroughly matured or ripe. -6 Bribery, as one of the four Upāyas or expedients of overcoming one's enemy; see उपाय.

85, 12; x. ˚राष्ट्राः (pl.) -दामन् a. one who gives liberally. ˚मानिन्, सुभगं- मन्य a. (-m.) a bee.

-2 one diligent in properly maintaining his family. -धार a. well-pointed (as an arrow). -3 an order, a command. -दत्र a. Ved. 3) A hole or trap for catching elephants. Ch.

33; (see Mallinātha's explanation of the word); कृत- गोदानमङ्गलाः U.1; अतोनं गोदानं दारकर्म च Kau. -2 well decided (as a question). -3 of Indra. -3 a hole cut in a house (सुरङ्गा also in this sense).

ow dung is used to make daily use consumer products like dant manjan (tooth powder to clean teeth), body soaps, etc. If you want a system software for typing easily in देवनागरी or IAST you can download our software called SanskritWriter. [distich] 149; fluidity, i.

Takra (तक्र).—[neuter] buttermilk (mixed with water). (b) To practise, perform, observe; चरतः किल दुश्चरं तपः R.8.79; Y.1.6; Ms.3.3. also भाग्येषु शेषमायत्तं दृष्टपूर्वं न चान्यथा Pratijñā Y.2.5. -4 treated with kindness, assisted, befriended.

1 considering oneself fortunate, amiable, pleasing; वाचालं मां न खलु सुभगंमन्यभावः करोति Me.96.

-पक्व a. (-नः) 1 wheat. -8 N. of Varuṇa; एष पुत्रो महाप्रज्ञो वरुणस्येह गोपतेः Mb.5.98.11.

-प्रकाश a. -2 a woman in general.

-5 a protector, guardian; Rv.1.61.1. -2 well-pleased, satisfied; (hence -सुमनीभू = to be at ease; जिते नृपारौ समनीभवन्ति शद्बायमानान्यशनैरशङ्कम् Bk.2.54.).

Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin. Languages . -6 To cause to graze, pasture. -4 beloved, liked, amiable, dear; सुमुखि सुभगः पश्यन् स त्वामुपैतु कृतार्थताम् Gīt.5. -2 an epithet of Karṇa. -4 moving on earth.

-4 a special lunar day (as the day of full or new moon, and the 8th and 14th day of each fortnight).

-3 fortune, auspiciousness. -तोयम् दानवारि q. v. -धर्मः alms-giving, charity. 353, 591, 625, 811; Vv 7910; J. IV, 19; Nd1 135, 203 (=udaka); Miln. -रूहकः a horse resembling an ass. -5 The sun. -तनु a. Literature is commonly written in Sanskrit using various poetic metres. -2 a secure refuge.

घासः [घस् कर्मणि घञ्] 1 Food. -4 To graze; सुचिरं हि चरन् शस्यम् H.3.9. 13-14.

-2 the poppy.

-2 the earth.

2) Vari means “acting” of which eight kind of dances are mentioned in the Venirkkāṭai which is a chapter of the Cilappatikāram: an ancient epic authored by Ilango Adigal representing an important piece of Tamil literature.—The eighth canto of Venirkkāṭai describes the envakai-varikal (eight kinds of dancing). -तराम् ind. -अर्ह a. of the value of a cow. -रसः cow's milk. -पाक्यम् a kind of medicinal salt (Mar. -6 A rope for tying cattle or the feet of a calf, a foot-rope in general; निर्याणहस्तस्य पुरो दुधुक्षतः Śi.12.41. -2 abundance of food, an abundant supply of provisions, plenty of corn &c. -भीरकः the Palāśa tree. उपस्तवः upastavḥ उपस्तुतिः upastutiḥ

-6 of Soma.

Ch. -पुष्प a. -प्राति- भाव्यम् security for payment of a debt. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. -3 the Champaka tree. (-ङ्गम्) 1 red sanders. -वशा a barren cow.

-योगः 1 a favourable juncture. Shambhavi Dandekar as an accomplished Indian Kathak master performer, has carved a niche for herself through her sheer talent, unique performances and unparelled choreography, that has brought her recognition on the national as well as the international platforms. -2 having a beautiful trunk. -2 a kind of mango tree. -3 Appearance, coming in, manifestation; U.1; Mu.1. (-गम्) good fortune. -2 sour gruel (काञ्जिक); सुवीरकं याच्यमाना मद्रिका कर्षति स्फिचौ Mb.8.4.38. -4 an epithet of Garuḍa; ततः सुपर्णव्रजपक्षजन्मा नानागतिर्मण्डलयन् जवेन Ki.16.44. -कण्टकः, -कम् 1 a road or spot trodden down by oxen and thus made impassable.

Cultured buttermilk, a fermented dairy product produced from cow's milk, with a characteristically sour taste. Discover the meaning of takra in the context of Sanskrit from relevant books on Exotic India. -पः 1 a cowherd (considered as belonging to a mixed tribe); गोपवेशस्य विष्णोः Me.15. -दारणम् 1 a plough.

-2 N. of Kṛiṣṇa. -1 Proclamation in public; प्रचारे चापघोषयेत्... Kau. -कर्मन् a. -विन्दः 1 a cowkeeper, a chief herdsman. -प्रभातम् 1 an auspicious dawn or day-break; दिष्टथा सुप्रभातमद्य यदयं देवो दृष्टः U.6.

˚जम्बू f. wheat.

(-खः) 1 a crocodile, shark. न्तिकनीयमानगव्यम् Śi.2.19. Note: Takra (“buttermilk”) has been translated by dar sar (“fresh buttermilk”), sar being a short form of gsar(-ba). -3 very skilful. Along with her top-notch traditional dance training, Shambhavi also has a strong academic educational background with a Bachelors in Commerce and two Masters degrees in Dance. -वीरकम् 1 a kind of collyrium.

-2 an actor; a dancer. (-सः, -सा) the plant सिन्धुवार. -ब्रह्मण्यः 1 an epithet of Kārtikeya. Praise, invitation. -कल्पित a. well equipped or armed. -भृत् m. 1 a mountain. explains the word differently). Shambhavi guides performers and students all over the world through workshops and master classes.

such as amarasiṃha, halāyudha, hemacandra, etc.].

-कल a. one who has acquired a great reputation for liberality in giving and using (money &c,) -कलिल a. well filled with. mahi jātaṃ (TS., upastutaṃ janima tat; MS. upastutyaṃ janima tat) te arvan # RV.1.163.1d; VS.29.12d; TS.; 6.7.1d; MS.1.6.2d: 86.16; KS.39.1d; Vait.6.1d. (-m.) 1 discerning or wise man, learned man. 1 solitary (as a wood). -3 of mount Meru.

-उक्तिः f. 1 a good or friendly speech. -अन्तः waking condition, the being awake; स वा एष एतस्मिन् बुद्धान्ते रत्वा Bṛi. -4 a span (from the tip of the thumb to that of the ring-finger); गोकर्णशिथिल- श्चरन् Mb.2.68.75; तालः स्मृतो मध्यमया गोकर्णश्चाप्यनामया Brahmāṇḍa P. -5 N. of a place of pilgrimage in the south, sacred to Śiva. We all know that dryness is balanced by hydration and lubrication.

-3 a kind of drum. -मायु 1 a kind of frog.

-2 very pungent. -डुः A cloud. Takra (buttermilk) is mentioned in a list of remedies for indigestion.—A complete section in Bhojanakutūhala is devoted for the description of agents that cause indigestion [viz., kṣīrabhava]. Shambhavi has more than 20 years of teaching experience at an undergraduate and a graduate level at various dance education institutions in India. 1 perfect, secure. -2 the sun. A place where elephants are tied up.

-पर्णकः = सुपर्ण. -कृत् a.

-7 field for action, scope; इन्द्रियाणि हयानाहुर्विषयांस्तेषु गोचरान् Kaṭh.3.4. (-र्या) wild cotton. -3 To drive away. -ग्यम् 1 Fate, destiny, luck, fortune; स्त्रियाचरित्रं पुरुषस्य भाग्यं देवो न जानाति कुतो मनुष्यः Subhāṣ; oft. 14; 129, 14.

-वृन्दम् a drove of cattle. -2 a multitude of cows.

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