benchmade griptilian 551 review

It may not have the toughness of a steel like 3V, but I think the extra corrosion resistance is a nice trade off here. Do you have any advise?

Ce n’est pas un couteau petit, mais Benchmade a réussi à faire en sorte que son poids reste relativement faible. I find that the use of G10 handle scales adds a lot of structural rigidity to an axis lock knife and the 551-1 is no exception. Du coup la société a écouté ses utilisateurs et a fabriqué des versions qui utilisent un manche en G10. So far I have used the knife to break down a few boxes, open mail, etc.

It’s clear Benchmade spent a lot of time and effort to dial in the 551-1. And for the last three and a half weeks I have been using it intensively for anything that needed to be cut. But beyond that you have the same excellent blade shape of the original Griptilian, with a saber flat grind, and swedge. Probably none (maybe with a 940)..

C’est un couteau pliant qui possède un système d’ouverture rapide et souple.

You Might Also Like. Maybe not the sexiest choice of materials, but certainly practical. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. When I compare this blade to my original Griptilian the only difference I can detect is that the blade has been given a bit of a stonewash. Le Benchmade Griptilian est un couteau populaire dans le domaine de la coutellerie, il jouit d’une très bonne réputation. It looks like interesting stuff. The lanyard hole supports both left or right needs. The 551 Griptilian does not come with a sheath, but you always have the option to buy one separately if you prefer not to use the pocket clip. Le talon est bloqué vers l'arrière par une butée et l'axe mobile vient se placer de manière à empêcher la lame de basculer vers l'avant. Would you say you prefer the 551-1 to your Wilkin’s Grips?

The 551-1 has an overall length of 8.07″, a 3.45″ blade, weighs 4.17 ounces and is made in the USA. It’s a much different knife then the old 551. Jim Satney June 6, 2018.

Or I suppose you could take the knife down, but that would be a shame with a brand new knife. This is a satisfying knife to open and close. Ici le manche est de couleur noire, mais il est possible de choisir différentes couleurs. You are talking about the custom, right? Le clip possède un design classique, ce genre de clip de poche est retrouvable sur la plupart des couteaux Benchmade.

It is fully 3-D machined, and features bright blue liners and anodized blue backspacers beneath gray overlays. This is an ambidextrous experience and you can open it with the use of one hand. You may be able to if you contact Benchmade directly, but beyond that I am unaware of them selling them on the retail market. The blade is more than capable of carving up small trees into thin fuel for a fire. July 25, 2015. The most interesting upgrade for me though is the pocket clip. It’s also smaller than the Sage 1 and would probably be a better compliment in a small collection. Et ce modèle est disponible sur internet avec différentes spécificités. Blade centering is perfect on my knife, as I would expect from a nearly $200 folder. Thank you! La marque a choisi d’utiliser son propre système de blocage de lame : Axis Lock. Still, it’s an interesting steel and I intend to keep this knife for long term testing and evaluation.

Knife Review: Fake Benchmade 42.

I’m glad I stopped by and read your review. From what I can gather, this appears to be a good choice for a folding knife. The Benchmade 551 is a stellar achievement, though, it will cost you a shade more than a budget EDC knife typically would. The Benchmade 551 Griptilian Knife is a fantastic, top-quality EDC knife. Benchmade a opté pour un design intemporel et fonctionnel, il a été construit pour être léger et rapide. Benchmade knife review by Drifta. Et vous aidez à choisir votre futur couteau. Besides the switch to G-10 scales, the biggest news about the 551-1 is change to CPM-20CV blade steel. Mais par contre vous aurez du mal à le disséminer dans votre poche, car il est épais.

couteau-de-poche © Copyright. Learn how your comment data is processed. Que vous soyez droitier ou gaucher, vous pourrez facilement ouvrir le couteau. Our prepper news keeps you informed. Benchmade has equipped the 551-1 with an impressively beefy set of phosphor bronze washers. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about this knife given the enormous price premium over the regular FRN verion, but the 551-1 has been beautifully executed, and I can see where the extra money went.

Best Survival Knives Here are the essential specs. If that is what you are looking to use the knife for, then I’m sure it’s a fine blade for the task. Thanks for taking the time out to ask a question. C’est une question de gout et de préférence. Obviously the handle is the main event here for the 551-1, and is basically the entire point of this knife. Si vous le trouvez trop grand pour une utilisation EDC, sachez qu’il existe une version plus petite. So for the longest time if you wanted a Griptilian with G-10 handle scales, you had to go to the after market. Bill, Excellent! The edge is plain and non-serrated. La forme de la lame permet d’être polyvalente, vous pourrez effectuer différentes tâches avec. Avec les différentes variantes de lames et de couleurs, il y a surement un modèle qui vous satisfera. My pleasure, Li. La pointe est assez dure et forte, vous pourrez percer avec. I’m just happy to hear you found what you were looking for. Part of the prepper plan is keeping your finger on the pulse of news that could hint at future catastrophe.

I am pleased to say that this new G10 handle has been beautifully executed.

The Benchmade 551 Griptilian blade is made from 154CM stainless steel. I actually just picked up a 555-1 yesterday. I have a solution for you! I honestly think only KAI can really compete with Benchmade in the customer service and warranty department. I’m not sure how much value (or future value) the 1st production run adds. I always preferred the look of the thumb stud version of the Griptilian, so that is what I got.

I have yet to see a direct comparison between the 551 and the Wilkins Grips though. Homemade Laundry Detergent: How To Detoxify Clothes, Sheets, & More, Elderberry: The Benefits and Side Effects, Uses and Products, Wild Lettuce: A Comprehensive Guide To Natural Pain Relief, Survival Gardening: An Ultimate Guide To Growing Survival Garden Plants, Preppers List: SHTF Gear & Bug Out Bag (130 items).

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