2021 tamil nadu election astrology


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Stalin. Sun and Moon as the 10th and 9th lord for Scorpio lagan is the best Raja Yoga as per Sage Parashara.

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The 4th house in mundane astrology signifies happiness of general public and farmers. Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan on Thursday said he would be contesting in the 2021 assembly polls in Tamil Nadu and also seeking the support of fellow actor Rajinikanth.

Until the transiting Saturn and Jupiter will come into Makar Rashi,  at the 4th house of Tamil Nadu foundation chart,  the AIADMK government will not face major setbacks in the state assembly. See the lordship of Saturn here it is the lord of 3rd house which is 7th from the 9th house of father. Moon is the strongest planet in Stalin’s horoscope as it is as the 9th lord in the 10th house getting the aspect of 10th lord Sun and 5th lord Jupiter which is a grand Raja Yoga. Stalin has already declared that he accept Rahul Gandhi’s leadership as prime ministerial choice. Aaj Ki Baat: Why Modi said, women of India are silent voters of BJP? Among all the national parties, BJP will face a huge defeat in the state irrespective of the alliance partner.

Karunanidhi, M.G.

Tamil Nadu’s chief minister’s visionary leadership during 1954 to 1963 in developing the infrastructure and improving the quality of life of inhabitants had set the high standards of social development. Stalin has already consolidated his position by forming a strong alliance with Congress, left Parties, MDMK and other smaller parties in the state. DMK should be very careful in handling the alliance partners in order to get the absolute majority. All the rights which were protected by our former leaders were brutally destroyed in the past 4 years.

So there will be no surprise if M.K.

Among the both, ADMK will be the biggest victim.

He will be the key leader in south in the alliance against Narendra Modi in years to come.

Stalin as his political heir. The strong dasha of Saturn-Moon from May 2020 to December 2021 is clearly indicating the rise of M.K. Apart from these two parties, all other parties will get decent number of seats in the 2021 election.

Speaking to reporters here Kamal Haasan, who had floated the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) party, said he will contest the assembly polls next year.

These parties will play crucial role in getting votes for their alliance in the specific region for their alliance partners.

Paytm Diwali Tambola: How to win up to Rs. In Navamsha the Jupiter is with 8th lord Moon and Ketu is in the 6th house under malefic influence.

Ketu the sub period lord is in the 12th house of change. But the Jupiter-Ketu dasha from January 2021 to December 2021 does indicate the change of government in Tamil Nadu which will happen during the assembly elections. 1 year is very long term with respective politics. Mukesh Ambani's enigmatic Jupiter Maha Dasha. This will be the first elections since last 4 decades when people of Tamil Nadu will be voting in a political vacuum created after the demise of AIADMK leader  J. Jayalalithaa and DMK chief M. Karunanidhi. There will also be some violence during assembly elections in 2021 in Tamil Nadu. By contesting alone, He has secured 3% of votes in 2019 parliament election. As far as Rajini is concerned, I am not sure whether he will form any political party and contest in the election. The death of J.Jayalalithaa ( 5 December 2016) and later Karunanidhi’s illness was happen at the time when Saturn was transiting from Scorpio in the 8th house from the natal Moon of Tamil Nadu state which is in Aries.

Even in 2021 assembly election, all these national parties will form alliance with the regional parties and contest the election.

Venus as the lagna lord in Tamil Nadu foundation chart has made sure that film star are always welcome in politics.

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